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Greetings GT Community,

The purpose of this short review is to provide technical knowledge and shooting experience to those who may be future owners or are just curious to know about its overall performance. I will keep my opinions to a minimum as I would like to provide the Glock community with as much sustenance as possible. If you would like an elaborated opinion, I will gladly respond to your replies below. I only shot 200 rounds through it, so take from this review what you will. I am a normal military service member and I am not made of money. I will review this in order of what I feel is the priority.

1. Reliability - I shot all 200 rounds with no malfunctions of any kind on Saturday September 16, 2017. I shot new, aluminum cased ammo manufactured by Independence. I did not clean it prior to shooting it the first time. I still have not cleaned it after shooting it. My intent was to go shoot it dirty at the USPSA Steel Challenge on Sunday September 17, 2017. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. I was there with other participants, but the host didn't show up and didn't tell anyone. I wanted to see how long it would go before it would malfunction. The initial 200 rounds were just to make sure it would at least function.

2. Ergonomics - I have no issues with the handling of this firearm. It shoots exactly to my point of aim. I shot right hand supported, left hand supported, single right handed, and single left hand. All of which performed well. I had no issues with loading or releasing magazines. Magazine cut-out was not an issue for me. Didn't pinch and it didn't impede reloads. Flared Magazine Well is very minuscule. I'm not sure if it aids in reloads, but it's there. I honestly didn't pay too much attention to it when doing reloads. It also doesn't conceal any different when compared to something like my HK VP9. No print issues at all.

Ambidextrous Slide Stop performed well. Locked back after it was empty every time. Also, used it to release the slide from both sides and it worked every time. I know that's what it's not technically designed to do, but I did it. Sights worked fine. I have the AmeriGlo Bold Night Sights. They illuminate in the dark and shoot to POA as mentioned before. I shot at 7, 10, and 13 yards (Range only maxed out to 13). Transitioning to different targets was a breeze as well. Disassembly is just like any other Glock, works fine for me. Trigger is slightly improved compared to the Gen 4 to those who care. The Gen 4 Trigger worked fine to me, I didn't have any complaints about it.

3. Fit and Finish - My G17 was in pristine condition when I picked it up. I have no problems with the fitting of the gun. I know some people are saying the front end is fitted "poorly." The gap doesn't bother me at all. Glock hasn't officially released a statement saying it is a problem, so I don't care. If the slide is not rubbing on the frame and impeding reliability, I don't care.

Overall Impression and After Thoughts - I like the gun overall. There are things I don't like. I don't want anyone to think I absolutely love this gun. I wish they had put an ambidextrous magazine release if they were going to go with a ambidextrous slide stop. I dislike that the Gen 4 custom back plates don't fit the new Gen 5. I also dislike the orange magazine follower. I give the gun a 4 out of 5.

Future - I plan to take this to compete in its current state as soon as time allows. I'm not going to clean it until then. I'll be gone due to work for a few months, that's why I decided to just go ahead and write a review. It's not substantial, but I just wanted to get something out there for the community. As soon as I can run it through a competition I'll update the community. I'll post again sometime between February through March hopefully.

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Ammo I used

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Magazine Cut-Out

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5" Diameter Bulls-eyes. Top was at 7 yards, below was at 10 yards

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13 yards

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A no nonsense review, and I loved it, thanks. Enjoy your new firearm, this is a possible reason my next purchase will be a Gen 5, no problems and it will just add to my lineup.
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