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Gen 4 Recoil Spring Assembly...

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So, I purchased the Generation 4 G22 a few weeks ago (my first Glock!!!) and had a couple of questions about the new recoil assembly that I'm hoping someone might know...

#1 Has anyone seen an aftermarket replacement for it yet? I'm wanting to go a little lower resistance.

#2 As it is a multistage, is recoil-spring lubrication needed now? I'm asking for two reasons. First, it's not mentioned as a lubrication point in the gen-4 manual. Second, I've put just under 1,000 rounds through it now, and have a pretty noticeable squeak when pulling the slide.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Thank you, and glad to be here!!!:supergrin:
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Welcome and congrats!

I haven't seen any aftermarket version yet.

No lubrication is needed for the recoil assembly. The way I clean my G27 recoil assembly is to wipe it down really good with a clean dry rag, then lightly oil a small portion of the rag and wipe it down really good again, then use a portion of the rag that is still clean and dry to wipe the recoil assembly absolutely dry. I'm still trying to figure how to clean underneath the part that moves(the larger part moves rearward over the smaller part). I think I may lock the slide back before field strip to wipe that area dry with a clean dry rag next time I shoot it.

Edit: I forgot the Gen 4 has that metal piece under the spring. I'd wipe it down in that area with a lightly oiled rag if I had one but it'll collect a lot more gunk if you do so and it's not necessary unless the instruction manual says so.

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I gave mine a spray shot of Ballistol and wiped it down good. I than put it back together racked the slide a few times, locked it back and wiped down the plastic guide rod. I shot 400 rounds took it apart and saw nothing in the way of grit on the recoil spring.

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I did not realize there was plastic in the Gen4 guide rod.
Yup! difficult to tell with the spring assembly out of the gun, but with the slide back, it's clear as day.

(also, yes, that is a cat getting ready to attack the spring... his name is colt, ironically...)


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