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Gen 4 G34 on the way / contols & connector ???

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by mike g35, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. mike g35

    mike g35

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Charleston W.V.
    I have had a busy week of buying selling and trading guns. I got rid of a gen 3 G34 racegun to a friend in SC, got rid of a custom S&W 627pc revolver, and got rid of a little Ruger Mark III hunter. In their place I got a Remington R1 Enhanced, a Gen 4 G34, and all the gear (holsters,mag pouches, belts, etc) that i need to compete with them plus I have a wad of cash in my pocket. Like I mentioned I bought a gen 4 G34 but it won't be here until Tuesday. I'm kind of working in reverse but I want to know a few things about the Gen 4 G34.

    What is your opinion on the Gen 4 G34, good or bad? Why?

    What connector comes installed in the Gen 4? The "-" like the Gen 3?

    Does the Gen 4 G34 have extended controls?

    I had planned on putting the Gen 3 G34 racegun back in its stock configuration but I ended up going with the Gen 4 because of the slimmer grip, the RTF frame (thats going to save me money, no stippling this one), and the dual spring RSA. I believe all these improvements will help me with the guns intended purpose, production division USPSA. :supergrin: