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Glock 23c Gen 4 23c

  1. Anyone have one? Any issues? LGS has one and I'm interested. Seems to be a hard to find gun.
  2. Yes I have one but have not shot it yet to know, and yes are now really hard to find. The Gen4 22C was out for a short time and is another hard one to find. If your interested in it then don't let it get away as long as the price is right.
  3. Are these new Gen 4 C models a limited run or are they here to stay? They seemed to have disappeared from most distributors sights.
  4. From what I understand, they were produced for some European contract that were either cancelled or they were over runs. Either way they are a very limited run.
  5. Got it. Pics to follow.
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. I have a third gen. I've stopped gun ranges from operating it's so loud lol

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  8. This gun is sweet. 100 rounds so far. No issues. Loud. Very accurate And fun to shoot.
  9. I have, both a 3rd Gen G23C and G32C You will learn to love it!

    By the way, if you think the G23C is loud, try popping off a few rounds indoors with a G32C!
  10. Here is mine
  11. When did they start doing white filler/lettering? Pretty cool.
  12. I wish they would start color filling... I did it and do it to all my Glocks and Glock mags for easy identification.
  13. Very cool. Reminds me of tires but I flip the lettering to the inside. lol

    Pretty smart thinking. Especially with the same compact/variations but in different calibers.

    How'd you do it, may I ask?
  14. First wipe down the slide with Non- Acetone nail polish remover to remove any oil or grease, let dry, then apply nail polish (color of your choice) let dry, then use the same remover mentioned above and paper towel to remove the excess. If more information is needed, there are videos on YouTube.
  15. Thanks Tank!
  16. I probably should run some more rounds through it today.
  17. 14rds Federal HST 165 gr.
  18. Nice!!! I have to shoot mine this weekend..
  19. I always thought the compensated models were neat. I have a 17C. Recoil is next to nothing.
  20. I agree but for some reason the Gen4 19C shoots softer than the Gen4 17C.
  21. You people are driving me nuts. Now I have to start looking for a 17C, a 23C, a 32C, and white finger nail polish.
    BUT ... Talo_G23_Premier.JPG check out my Talo 23
  22. ....why go through all of that trouble? Just take a white crayon and rub it over the markings. Wipe it down with a clean cloth and BINGO !! Takes less than 20 seconds. JDS_9932.JPG
  23. You could use whatever color polish you allready have
  24. Yeah I thought about it before using nail polish but was worried that after a day of running the gun hard, the crayon might start to melt. Maybe I was just over thinking things. How does the crayon hold up after a good workout?
  25. OK, Quantico. This Bud is for you!
  26. Finally got to shoot my 23C this morning and I'm impressed!!! This thing shoots like a G19!!! Now I wish I would've picked up a G22C Gen4 when they were available.

    After an extensive search, I have located a place that was able to order a Gen4 22C. Boy they are in very short supply. Most places don't know they even exist.
  27. I plan on getting some sights next week and carrying it
  28. What are you considering?
  29. OEM night sights. I want HDs, but the porting will dirty up the front sight fast.
  30. Still actively searching for a Gen4 23C, google brought me to this thread =)