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Gen 3 19c sold for $950

  1. I bet JMS has a BIG FAT SMILE on his face..HA HA.JMS was ahead of his time on the C....
  2. I have several C models myself.

    I started to collect them after HK P7’s got too expensive.
  3. Wish I didn’t shoot mine so much. My edc with an aftermarket barrel for carry. Too loud otherwise.
  4. Way to go speedway, I wish I was not so late to the party for collecting C models story of my life...
  5. Jeebus. In reality this is, IMO, more proof GB buyers are willing to go far above market value to get what they want. Auction buying gets crazy sometimes.
  6. I guess i should have auctioned mine. :fist:
    I sold it to my stepson for $450.00
    I never thought a Glock gen.3 would fetch that kind of money.
  7. By definition something is worth what it brings. There was another bidder right behind the high bidder of course.

    Bidding was vigorous. Some of the bidders are not usual collectible Glock names that we see.

    That said, I don't get why this brought money we expect for a LNIB G2 19C.

    Screenshot_20200606-131322_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20200606-131330_Chrome.jpg
  8. Amen!

    It's gotten to the point that I picked up a Sig P210 Target model for shooting at the range. At the rate the C models are going I'm probably going to clean them all up and keep them in the collection.
  9. You might not be aware but there are collectors that insist on NIB :animlol:

    A person buying a shooter wouldn't care or pay for NIB, a collector that wants NIB would pay a $300-$350 premium for it. Yes it's 50% higher than a 'shooter' but it's only $300-$350, not $3000-$3500.
  10. Collectors that insist on NIB??? Madness!! U know me. If I don't shoot it I don't want it!
  11. Run thousands of rounds through it, roll it in the mud and throw it in the safe. That's you to a T!
  12. Damn straight. Along those lines was doing some immediate action drills w my G1 19. Shaved the lousey plastic sight right off when trying to use it to rack the slide on the edge of my holster. Needs better sights. Might need deeper stippling on the grip as well. Might need to bring it over for a JMS porting job.
  13. Sounds like my Gen1 17P E9178899-9BB7-4315-8FFC-CF61D53DAF46.jpeg
  14. JMS whats the letter P Stand for on the G17 Gen1
  15. ported, it’s one of my one offs ;)
  16. h JMS.... WOW thats another Glock I had no idea it even existed i'm jealous Dam.........
  17. Its a JMS creation, not factory model. JMS has created some awesome ported and compensated guns
  18. He made it.. Holy Crap thats NUTS in a nutty great Fantastic way.If I did not see it I would not believe it. NICE.....Thanks for telling me glockhoarder when I saw the picture I went to my Bible. BOOK of Glock ....written by Robert a Sadowski looking if there was anything in there about that model glock. I feel like an ASS in a funny kind of way.
  19. He has made unique "fantasy" P and C guns as well as copies of very rare guns.

    In the thread about my 35Cs there is a pic of the 35C that he made along with my guns. They are essentially indistinguishable.

    Of note, none of the P guns actually say P on the slide. P is reserved for the red P training guns. That's likely why they changed from P to C nomenclature.

    ZERO reason to feel like an ass. This is in the weeds detail stuff that not a lot of folks would just know off the bat.
  20. what’s funny is I made the 35C before you acquired yours so it was my best guesstimate as to how the real ones looked!
  21. And damn if wasn't spot on!!
  22. If you didn't know.... you didn't know. I figured thats what it was. But I knew his schnanagins right off. And that's cool.
  23. So much to learn about Glocks.it never ends it just goes on and on and on.I guess thats the way it should be.
  24. Speedway, thanks for hooking me up with the lead on the 19C. Its awsome!
  25. You are quite welcome.

    I am sad to report that John Roger (owner of The Jolly Roger) has passed away since you bought it.
  26. I'm sorry to hear that. He seemed like a great guy. Very easy to deal with. Even though things didn't go smoothly. Just by taking to him the few times I delt with him. I could tell he was a very down to earth man. The type our world needs. I'm sure he wil be sorely missed by family, and friends.