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Glock 19 Gen 2 Glock 19 Value

  1. Can someone give me a realistic value for my Gen 2 Glock 19. It was purchased new in 1994 and has honestly had only 25 rounds through it. The pictures will attest to its condition.

    Glock 1.JPG Glock 1.JPG Glock 3.JPG
  2. More pictures.
  3. It would really be up to how badly someone wanted one to be honest. That pistol looks great, if I was in the market I'd go $400.00, or so.

    ETA: Keep in mind a G19 in that condition with the correct box, low round count, etc. would be difficult to replace. IMO they don't make 'em like they used to, I'd keep it.
  4. I'd do $450 if you want to part with it.
  5. I would pay $450 for one in that condition. I already have a Gen4 but I could use another 19.
  6. The Gen2 G19's in excellent condition are starting to jump significantly in price, especially with the correct box, accessories and label. The Gen2 is what Glock built their reputation on and if you have shot one, you know why.

    I love my Gen2's and would certainly hang on to that one. Depending on where you listed it, you could expect to get $500-$600 for it in that condition easily.
  7. Op, i live right by you and Ive seen your listings on illinois carry and armslist.

    My personal opinion is its worth $400-$425

    I actually really would like to own it, but haven't contacted you because we are quite a bit apart on value.

    I wish you the best on your sale, id bet the right buyer would pay you more, but that takes time and exposure.
  8. I agree . These early G19's are made with the TRUE Tenifer and almost never rusts. That 19 you have is purely Glock Perfection in my opinion. I would keep it if I were you. If you want to sell it , I would not accept anything less than $500. The correct person will come along and will pay it if not more.
  9. Al,

    The only place you'll find one in this condition and as complete as it is for $400.00 to $425.00 would be in your dreams.
  10. I have one and I would not part with mine even though it's not the most accurate of my Glocks. It's worth whatever someone is willing to give for it.
  11. Around Tennessee I believe it would bring every bit of $450.
  12. I agree with the price range. I have one in that exact condition, but the reason it may be low; is aimsurplus had gen2 glock 19 for 359.
  13. That may be but this one is hardly police surplus.
  14. A Gen2 G17 in this condition is worth the $400-$450 price range. I picked up three Gen2's last week and they were all NIB condition like this one.

    I paid $425 for the G17, $600 for the G19 and almost $700 for the G20. Did I over pay for the G20 and G19? I'm sure many here would believe I did and I feel I paid a little more than I probably should have also.

    They were all in NIB condition and it's what I've been searching for and for quite a while. So, I paid the price to satisfy my desire and at the end of the day, I'm very happy I did. You just don't see the Gen2 G19's in this condition any more and they are not going to get any cheaper when you do find one.
  15. Yeah, I agree, but its not a gen1 either. Heck I just sold a unfired glock 21 gen 2 for 400. Does yours have black internals, or was it sent back for the upgrades? It may add more value if it is untouched, as a collector myself.
  16. I would put that no lower than $450 due to condition and completeness. How much something is 'worth' and how much you can get for it can differ by a lot, and it can go either way.

    There are a lot of Gen 2 G19s. There are not a lot in that condition. If I had not bought a Gen 2 G19 from AIM, I would certainly make an offer for that gun starting at $400.
  17. That may be but this one is hardly police surplus.
    It came with the silver internals when it was originally purchased. Has anyone ever confirmed the existence of a true Gen 1 Glock 19 in the US?
  18. I'd pay $550-$600. My gen 2 is my favorite pistol
  19. Yes. One of our members here has 2 of them. Also, it seems like you came here hoping to validate your opinion that this gun is worth more than most people are willing to pay. Once it became clear that you may not be correct you then lashed out at Al for no reason.

    Your Gen2 19 is in excellent condition. Someone may be willing to pay $600+ but most will not.
  20. I owned a gen 1 glock 19, which was sent to glock because hair line crack near firing pin. That's how I ended up with the gen2 glock 19. The gen 1 glock 19 short grip version
    I bought in 1986. It had glock proof marks on it. Also my gen 2 glock 19 magazines 15 rounders are also non metal lined.

    Correction, my glock 19 mags are 17 rounders.
  21. I'd pay $600, but that's it.

    But hey, there's a sucker born every minute. Heck there's people trying to sell used gen 3s w/o night sites for over $600 on this site.
  22. Not at all. I don't have a clear idea of what its actual value may be. I've been a member here going on 13 years but I just don't keep up on Glock values as I collect Walthers & S&Ws. As to Al, he & I are members of a local forum. Enough said.

  23. What does that mean? We have never interacted once that i can recall. I never even post there, except for buy/sell stuff.

    You asked for opinions on the value, I gave my opinion. I never contacted you or low balled you.

    Sorry the majority don't agree with you on its value. Like I originally said, good luck with your sale(sincerely). You'll find a buyer at your price, but it may take time
  24. I would give you what your asking on ARMSLIST if you want to come to STL or we can meet half way.
  25. Thank you but, it would be illegal for us to do a FTF since you're from out of state. And I have no plans to be in the St. Louis area anytime soon.
  26. I would value it at 475 dollars and would love it. I prefer gen 2 pistols
  27. I agree with many others, $400-$450 range in described condition, depending on your market.
    I would keep it.
  28. That is what sucks about ILLINOIS (IL gun laws)
  29. Actually, that is Federal law and has nothing to do with Illinois law. Here it is:

    May an unlicensed person acquire a firearm under the GCA in any State?
    Generally, a person may only acquire a firearm within the person’s own State. Exceptions include the acquisition pursuant to a lawful bequest, or an over–the–counter acquisition of a rifle or shotgun from a licensee where the transaction is allowed by the purchaser’s State of residence and the licensee’s State of business. A person may borrow or rent a firearm in any State for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes.

    [18 U.S.C 922(a)(3); 27 CFR 478.29]
  30. Man, you're killing me! I had a Gen 2 that I shot the heck out of for 10 years and ended up selling during one of the twists and turns in my life. I've regretted it since. It shot buttery smooth and the slide was light grey from use. I wish I still had it.
  31. Across state lines a transfer by an FFL holder needs to be done.

    I live in MO and have purchased firearms in IL, but through a retailer. They didn't require me to have a FOID card either, as I am not an IL resident, but all the other usual paperwork was done.

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  32. $450

  33. True, you can buy a long gun from an FFL in Illinois and take it with you. A handgun would have to be sent to a Missouri FFL for ultimate delivery to you.
  34. It also depends on location, If you in certain state with all shorts of gun control. I can seen it being higher price, but where I from they are less.
  35. On Saturday morning I sold a VG condition gen 2 for $400. It had holster wear and handling marks, night sites that were very dim, but had a fairly low rd count (for its 95' vintage, anyway). I had it listed on a local board for less than an hour, and the buyer didn't question the price.
    A week earlier a guy posted a WTB gen 2 add on the same forum, and was willing to pay even more than $400 for mine, but distance was the factor. Another nice one (nicer than mine) sold instantly (in minutes) on the same forum recently for $400.
    My point is they are getting a cult following and even worn ones are fetching 4 bills in this region.
  36. I kinda forgot about that.. I'm just used to doing private transactions here in this state and not across state lines..
  37. I would pay the going rate for a Glock 19 Gen 4 NIB for a Gen 2 19 in that condition..

    Last month I turned down a as new Gen 4 19 for my Gen 2 19 .. Mine is in great shape with a slide refinish done by CCR .. and it has no box
  38. I think I will get mine a "GS" prefix out of its lock box tomorrow and send a box-o-nine down range for old times sake, I have plenty of Glocks now and prefer a .40, but.........I do remember long ago when I first got it and carried said Glock-19 everywhere I went as it was all I had at the time for EDC.
    It is shiny and slick looking and the finish on the slide is worn down, but again it has served me and my family well. I would not part with it.

    By the way, It was an ex NYPD pistol, well worn then and I paid around $350 for it, so selling it at $400-$450 almost thirty years later, I would not have made much in todays market.
  39. I picked up one used for $475 that was a former duty carry. Some dumb idiot had done some empty slide snap drills that made the barrel hood burr from smacking the rough breach cut (very common machine issue in the 2nd generation).

    The trigger on this generation is very hard on its' spring and prone to breaking.

    The internals may be stainless and not plated.

    Used Glocks are judged by to where the slide would hit the frame (if it did), slide breach cut (if machined well), barrel hood (if peened) and mag well area (if chipped).

    So many law enforcement and competition shooters would mag slam a high cap in. This was to intentionally disprove the durability of a "plastic pistol" and the result was it chipped up the 1st and 2nd generations so much that grip reductions became popular.

    Slide slamming became extremely popular with Glock trainers more so than any other pistol. The apparent problems lead to the development of the three pin frame. Some problems seemed to include the peening of trigger pin's slide release groves (hard to take apart) & locking block cracks/breakage.

    Wasn't it Hellen Keller who said that yesterday's heresies would become tomorrows orthopraxis?

    I would ask $500. The 19 is the most popular here in Florida and it would be gone in no time. Stores don't seem to keep them in the displays for very long or have them in stock.

    You'd want to price it under what a blue label sale would be for those who actually know the usability value vs all the Gen 3 & 4 issues.

    Blue label sales are what a law enforcement or security officer would pay for a brand new Glock. They usually get three mags vs two.

    Glocks have no real collectors value. It tickles me to see so many worry so much about wear and scratches.

    $500 best.
  40. I already have a Two of them and I'll give you $450. It should be easy to get $500 from the right person.
  41. Good day to you;
    I was gifted a born in 1990 Gen 2 Glock 17, that had exactly seventeen rounds fired through it, in 1990. It was then put away until 2016. My best friend calls Glocks "soulless" and "Hammer's" ( in others words simply a tool ) I have very small hands for a guy 6'2" and 200lbs.
    So, Glock pistols are a natural fit. He's a 1911 guy, and gave me the pistol.
    It was in similar condition to yours, with all of the paperwork and original box.
    I know collectors will scream, but this pistol, with addition of fresh night sights, became my daily carry.
    It replaced my 1989 vintage Austrian proofed Glock 17.
    I'd like to note that the 1989 Glock has NEVER failed to fire and has had no malfunctions what so ever. It has had a steady diet of 9mm NATO, Winchester White box and various iterations of duty ammunition, over the years. A vast majority have been +P and +P+.
    You have a great pistol there, and I would not sell it.
    Someone on this thread said they don't make them like that anymore, which is true.
    The old Tennifer finish penetrated the metal and provided additional surface hardness and corrosion resistance, finer then hard chrome.
    I have examined extensively, in my role as a firearms instructor Gen 3 and 4 pistols.
    They are simply not the quality of the Gen 2's.
    My $.02 for what it's worth....
  42. I would pay 650.00 in Ma. And maybe 450.00 in NH.
  43. Love the G19 Gen2's. I just picked up a very nice one with everything in Phoenix (no FFL fees or taxes in a private sale) for $395 with three new mags. They are out there. Be patient. $600 is ludicrous.
  44. I also have a 1994 G19, in the original box with original magazines. It has been shot but looks new. I also have a 1991 G19 that I carry and it shows it. I would never consider selling either one because they would be hard to replace when I came back to my senses.
  45. You guys made me get my Sep 1989 G-19 2nd Gen (Ex NYPD) GLOCK out of the safe and into my range bag for a box of nine this afternoon.

    Should be fun.
  46. Just fired fifty rds FMJ for old times sake, 2gen G-19 was flawless however, back into the safe it goes after a cleaning because my 2gen G-23 (IMHO) is just better.
    It was fun firing an old faithful friend though.
  47. I'd pay $500 for it instantly, if I saw it for sale locally, but it would bring more on Gunbroker.
  48. $400 is too low. I wouldnt part with it for less than $500, in that condition
  49. I paid $430 for a Gen 2 G19 (ANL XXX) in similar condition. Here in the Dallas area $450 would be the going rate for one like yours.
  50. thiokol, you might want to keep that one. If you ever decided to replace it it'd probably cost more.