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Gen 2.5 G26???

  1. I acquired a G26 yesterday and the guy I got it from claimed the serial # says that it is a Gen 2.5...

    Is Gen 2.5 a real thing? If so, how rare is it? What would it be worth? Etc.

    Any and all information appreciated.

    Once I find out exactly what it is then I may put it up for trade/sale.

    Also, if someone could point me in the right direction of how to find out what the serial number tells, that would be great as well.

    Thanks in advance!

    I do have pictures and Feel free to text/call me at: (336)244-4869

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  2. A "Gen 2.5" for subcompacts (26 and 27) has finger grooves but no texturing between them. The Gen3 has texture.

    I personally have never observed them bring more money than a standard Gen3 26/27. But I haven't been watching super close so maybe some of the folks here have more information. I do see about 7 completed G27 Gen 2.5 auctions that completed recently ranging between $325 to $375. That's in the neighborhood of what a used Gen3 G27 goes for. A 26 would bring more because more people want 9mm for self protection.

    Collectible value is also very driven by condition and accessories (original box, manual, etc.). I would expect someone looking at a 2.5 as a collectible instead of a shooter would want it to basically be "new in box"