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Gen 1

  1. So a Glock Gen 1 jump in my car with me today.... I was able to purchase it for $795. Serial Number BB056US. Original mag, matching box and manual w/ warranty card. I think I did ok. Very little use

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  2. FFC93CA6-14CB-44A2-AB12-2D3884F2C63C.jpeg 3897566D-F67B-479A-9A3C-C664F2D43EA1.jpeg 4960ACC2-3C36-4485-BE2F-302AF455DCD7.jpeg 44253C00-30AA-47A6-992B-15606BAC949C.jpeg FFC93CA6-14CB-44A2-AB12-2D3884F2C63C.jpeg
  3. Looks brand new!!
  4. Awesome price, looks NIB!
  5. I feel very lucky. It’s super clean
  6. Wow. Very nice and a great deal. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. You just barely did OK

    Oh wait, I forgot the deal also included the gun
    Oh, and it has weekend sights
    And it includes the original box
    oh and an original speed loader
    Original internal parts too?
    Yeah, you did OK
  8. Are Gen 1s rare??? I have, and use, 4 of therm. Models 17,20,21,22.
  9. For a guy who has been a member here since 2000 I would imagine you already know what you have. 1,700 posts. Almost 3000 likes.
    Plenty to learn in this sub forum.
  10. troll-2.jpg
  11. Nice score OP. +1 you did very well.
  12. Thank you
  13. I'm assuming this is in jest as none of the Gen ones in your post exist except for the 17
  14. Just the manual on eBay would likely bring pushing $500.

    You did incredibly well.

    Can you show us a picture of the lower internals from the top and the side? If they are the original black ones you did all the better.

    Just an awesome score
  15. I’ll take a photo of them tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!!!
  16. I would bet money they are original, too peachy new to be messed with. let us know
  17. Will do !!
  18. Where did u find it?
  19. Just the manual and the box are worth substantially more than what u paid.
  20. A local shop had bought an entire collection of firearms from one person. There were all kinds of firearms, H&K P7’s, West German Sig’s and More
  21. Wow!! Sounds like there was some great stuff to be had.
  22. Nice pickup. Lucky bastard
  23. Score!
  24. 13B91AB7-E2AE-4422-A512-E293A335E746.jpeg
  25. looks like it has all of the original internal parts
  26. Great find!
  27. Thank you sir!!
  28. Wow!!!

    I wouldn't be surprised if that brought close to $2000 at auction.
  29. I never cease to be amazed at the lack of research that some gun dealers do which results in them selling guns for a fraction of their worth.

    It is also a lesson to all gun owners that if they're not sure of the value of something they have research it and let your family know as well. I can only imagine how little the dealer paid for this as part of that collection.
  30. Very nice!!
  31. I think the last 2 1986 manuals on ebay brought $650 each.
  32. Wow
  33. So I guess I did alright buying this pistol. Thank you guys for all of your input. Much appreciated!!!
  34. I still think the manual bidders are insane, I wouldn’t hang my hat on an “established price” it is eBay after all. Meanwhile the loaders are still $65, and a steel at that.
  35. :thumbsup:
  36. You did great with this one.
  37. Thank you
  38. I bought all four in a relatively short time. I had no idea that there were different generations. Mine are all "Original" glocks, and all four take down exactly the same, and the parts look alike.

    So how do I tell a gen one from a gen two????
  39. Got it.

    Gen 1s have the light pebbling all around the grip. Gen 2s have a checkering on the front and rear of the grip.
  40. [​IMG]

  41. I do have a gen 1 17 with box and papers,mags,speed loader, I have all the original parts
    in a little bag,because when I was contacted by glock that there was an
    upgrade of stainless parts I had it done.But I do have the original
    parts,great shape.I am thinking on letting it go.
  42. Sell it.

  43. I sure most of us on here would be interested in it

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