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gear room garage sale!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by colt_sniper, May 18, 2007.

  1. colt_sniper


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    Jul 18, 2006
    SW Ohio
    1 large alice pack od green , complete with waist belt, shoulder straps and frame.
    very good condition no repairs, no rips or missing hardware.
    will include a woodland camo cover .
    $70 OBO

    1 gerber lockblade . I think its the paraframe model..
    blue aluminum handle. Blade is razor sharp!!.. never carried .

    1 realtree camo fannypack / CCW pack. has the velcro back that opens up to hold a large frame weapon ( holds a 1911 or glock 21 with no problem. great for when you are out boating or fishing. plus there are other pockets to hold a light, and other items.

    Tactical Tailor Molle vest ( no pouches )
    this is the model with the hydration pouch built into the back. also sewn in is the heavy duty drag handle.
    OD GREEN in color. No rips no snags
    no broken buckles or cut webbing. ( buckles have the TT logo on them. )
    Retails for $95
    asking $70 + shipping...........

    6 unmixed bottles of tannerite for sale.... this is the half case.
    comes with the funnel, mixing/measure spoon. mixing jar..$50 + shipping

    1 M/L field jacket, that is military issue ( still has the green tag in the back.) believe it was a airforce issue jacket. shows some fading to the color, but still looks good!., no rips, snags or repairs. $20 + shipping

    Top Gun Level I Duty Holster - Model 200 fits glock 20/21 . Right hand draw.
    near new, used on duty 1 time. standard black finish ( not high gloss or fine tac )
    $70 OBO

    looking to trade towards cold steel knives ( folders or fixed.)
    glock 17,22,21 mags.
    about anything ..... make me a offer.