Gas Station Employee Fights Armed Robber

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    Too bad he probably was not allowed to carry.

    Gas Station Employee Fights Armed Robber

    Oct 2, 2007 11:38 PM EDT

    By Rob Youngblood
    News 8 @ 11:00

    INDIANAPOLIS - Just after midnight on Tuesday morning a thief walked into the marathon station at 8404 Southeastern Avenue armed with a broken pool cue and a butcher knife.

    He went looking for cash but he got a lot more then he bargained for and it was all caught on surveillance video.

    The footage lays out the entire story.

    It appears the robber knew his way around the store and the register easily opening the cash drawer.

    "He knew the pathway, so I don't know if he is a normal customer here or just knew what he was doing," Store manager Gurdip Chauhen said.

    Also, in the video you can make out a knife in his left hand.

    Next, here comes the store employee who is not giving up the cash without a fight. The employee, who was cleaning another part of the store, starts swinging at the thief with his broom. Then he goes to the front door, locks the robber inside the store and then heads to the back for another broom to use in his fight.

    At this point the thief tries to get out but finds the door locked. He uses his pool cue to beat on the door but with no luck.

    So he drops the pool stick and decides to go after the employee hand to hand.

    At one point the thief drops the cash and the two men stand and stare at each other.

    The employee then runs away to set off the alarm, the robber picks up his cash and tries again to get away. But remember the door is still locked. So the guy uses his body to bust through the door and break the door frame.

    The thief got away with $165. The employee got a grateful but concerned boss.

    "I am proud but kind of scared for him. He shouldn't do that next time, for his life you know," Chauhen said.

    Hopefully there won't be a next time.

    Here is another twist to this story; this is the third time that the store has been robbed in the last two years and each time, the same employee was working and had to deal with the thieves

    Both the knife and the pool cue were recovered for prints.
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    Apr 11, 2007
    This dude needs a firearm. The news said this morning that the same guy has been at the last three robbery's at this station.

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    If it is the store I am thinking of I live just down the street and one of the last times it was robbed by a off duty cop from out east and the idiot drove back by to see if the cops were there or something and the clerk ID the guy and he was caught. This is in not a bad area but man it has changed since oh Bart brought in low income housing. I visit this store a lot and I always carry because it has been robbed so much.