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    You Think A Gallon Of Gas Is Expensive?
    Makes one think, and puts things in perspective:

    Diet Snapple 16 oz $1.29 -- $10.32 per gallon
    Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19 -- $9.52 per gallon
    Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 -- $10.17 per gallon
    Ocean Spray 16 oz $1.25 -- $10.00 per gallon
    Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 -- $33.60 per gallon
    Vick's Nyquil 6 oz $8.35 -- $178.13 per gallon
    Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85 -- $123.20 per gallon
    Whiteout 7 oz $1.39 -- $25.42 per gallon
    Scope 1.5 oz $0.99 -- $84.48 per gallon

    ...and this is the REAL KICKER......
    Evian water 9 oz for $1.49 -- $21.19 per gallon

    $21.19 FOR WATER! ....and the buyers don't even know the source.

    So, the next time you're at the pump, be glad
    your car doesn't run on water, Scope, or Whiteout,
    or forbid, PEPTO BISMOL or NYQUIL!!!!

    Just a little humor to help ease the pain of your next trip to the gas
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    Yeah, ask a woman whether she'd pay $1533.44 for a gallon of paint. After she gets through laughing at you, tell her that's what she's paying for nail polish at $5.99 per 1/2 ounce bottle!

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    This is one of the most interesting L.S. threads I've seen.

    I'm taking notes next time I go into a store.

    If we 'Continue' it, I'll collect the data, clean it up and stick it on a web page somewher, and make the database downloadable.

    The (has no life) Eggman
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    Good point, okie. But consider back in the 60s, gas was between 20 - 30 cents a gallon. ;)
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    Dang, Eggman, you really DON'T have a life -- ya sure you don't work for the same company I do? Most there thrive on Excel, too!

    data, data, data, data, data.....
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    Apr 13, 2002
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    Actually, I used to have a life, and from what I can remember it was fun.

    I know!

    I had fun once!
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    Aug 16, 2002

    Country Average Retail Gasoline Prices (First Quarter 2000), U.S. Dollars per gallon
    United Kingdom 5.13
    Hong Kong 5.11
    Norway 4.88
    Netherlands 4.26
    Sweden 4.22
    Finland 4.17
    Denmark 4.10
    Korea, South 4.09
    Argentina 4.01
    France 4.01
    Belgium 3.89
    Italy 3.86
    Germany 3.78
    Turkey 3.75
    Ireland 3.73
    Japan 3.65
    Uruguay 3.63
    Austria 3.54
    Hungary 3.33
    Switzerland 3.16
    Portugal 3.13
    Zimbabwe 3.07
    Luxembourg 3.00
    Brazil 2.94
    Spain 2.88
    Poland 2.79
    Greece 2.72
    Bolivia 2.65
    Barbados 2.62
    Taiwan 2.50
    India 2.48
    Slovakia 2.36
    Peru 2.35
    Czech Republic 2.34
    Costa Rica 2.15
    Nicaragua 2.11
    Suriname 2.11
    Australia 2.04
    Canada 2.04
    El Salvador 2.03
    Grenada 2.03
    Haiti 2.03
    Chile 2.01
    Romania 2.01
    Dominican Republic 2.00
    Jamaica 1.96
    Mexico 1.92
    New Zealand 1.92
    Panama 1.90
    Cuba 1.89
    Honduras 1.79
    Paraguay 1.57
    Colombia 1.52
    South Africa 1.51
    Trinidad and Tobago 1.48
    United States 1.47
    China 1.44
    Guatemala 1.43
    Guyana 1.30
    Algeria 1.11
    Libya 1.08
    Kazakhstan 1.00
    Russia 0.94
    United Arab Emirates 0.89
    Nigeria 0.82
    Iran 0.81
    Saudi Arabia 0.81
    Ecuador 0.76
    Qatar 0.70
    Indonesia 0.48
    Venezuela 0.46
    Kuwait 0.06
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    Jul 10, 2001
    Actually in Brazil a gallon of gasoline is US$ 1.95:

    1 L = R$ 1.599
    3.8 L = R$ 6.0762 (1 ga ~= 3.8 L )
    R$ 6.0762 = US$ 1.952 (US$ 1 = R$ 3.113)

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    A few years ago I got this chain email concerning a "gas-out". At the time prices were about a dollar in my neck of the woods. I've also included my reply to that email. Back then I was driving a 15mpg Buick. Had it good, as it turns out. Now I'm in an 11mpg Ram. Whooda thunk.

    Some schlep wrote:
    > It's time we did something about the price
    > of gasoline in America! We are all sick and
    > tired of high prices when there are
    > literally millions of gallons in storage.
    > Know what I found out? If there was
    > just ONE day when no one purchased any
    > gasoline, prices would drop drastically.
    > The so-called oil cartel has decided to
    > slow production by some 2 million barrels
    > per day to drive up the price. I have
    > decided to see how many Americans we can get
    > to NOT BUY ANY GASOLINE on one
    > particular day!
    > Let's have a GAS OUT! Do not buy any
    > gasoline on APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!

    Dear People

    Are we really "all sick and tired" of gasoline prices? For the last couple of months they were at an all time low relative to the value of the dollar. That was a happy time. Now they are back to where they were before. As in 1989. No drastic change in price in a decade I would say is pretty good. What else can you get for the same price as you could ten years ago, besides perhaps a Whopper (and I contend the '99 Whopper is much better than the 89). Even milk costs a good deal more in 99 than in 89, and even a gallon of milk costs more than a gallon of gas! And as far as having millions of gallons of gas in storage, thats pretty good because when the earth's supply of oil runs out as scheduled in the next 25 years, I hope they have some back stock so I can still drive my fuel guzzling, noise polluting, ozone layer killin' Buick across the street for a six pack instead of (gasp) having to walk.

    Do you realize that, at retail value, a barrel of gas costs a little over 50 bucks, whereas a barrel of coca-cola costs upwards of 300 dollars? Who is running a cartel here?!? A damn pair of tennis shoes costs more than a drum of high octane gasoline for cryin' out loud! I think the problem here is that people don't realize how valuable gas is. A barrel of gas can get you well into Mexico in a nicely equipped Geo Metro. That could come in handy. A moderate smoker who commutes 15 miles to work spends more per day on cancer causing sticks of death than on the nectar of the desert. Back to Burger King, a Whopper costs approximately the same as a gallon of gas. A Whopper has 660 calories, whereas a gallon of gas contains over 29 million calories! Which is the better deal, I humbly inquire.

    You must be wondering where I'm going with this. So am I. I, for one, plan to top off the ol' gas tank on April 30. I urge you to do the same and to reflect on how lucky we are to have such a wonderful bountiful fluid at our grasp. Think of the Texas oilmen who endure great hardships to bring you this liquid of love. Forget about cartels, middle eastern oil barons who beat their many wives, and crooked polititians who tax crude oil to fund their country club memberships and Furby collections. On April 30, 1999 I urge you to buy as much gasoline as possible. By the same token, I motion we boycott the purchase of coke, milk, tennis shoes, cigarettes, Furbies, and, of course, Whoppers, on April 30. And henceforth we shall rejoice in the abundance of the juice of nations, the blood that races through the veins of our infrastructures, sap of sanctity,
    humor of horsepower, gravy of gas guzzlers.

    Cadillac DL