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Garage Sale! NIW XXL BDUs, parachute flares, misc. surplus

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by NWRed, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. NWRed


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    Oct 3, 2002
    No more room in my garage for actually doing stuff so this all needs to go. Shipping is extra, in most cases, a few bucks extra. For the flares it'll have to be done correctly with hazmat shipping.
    MO or Paypal accepted, no upcharge if the total is under $100. Local western WA trades for guns/mags/ammo considered. Pics available by request,
    Thanks for looking.

    NIW BDUs $20 ea.
    Tops- XXL Reg. Ripstop Woodland (x2 one no wrap)
    XXL Reg. TruSpec Tigerstripe
    XXL Reg Ripstop OD
    Pants- XL Reg Ripstop Woodland (New no wrap)
    XXL Reg Ripstop Woodland (x2)
    XXL Reg TruSpec Tigerstripe

    NBC Stuff
    MSA Air Purifying Respirator GMEO-SS w/ 3 filters $30
    Swedish Grey Gas Mask $5
    Unknown mask with a German filter $5
    USGI NIW OD Chem Suits OD size XL $10 ea. (I opened the corner of 1 to see the color)

    Military Police Brassard, “MP” on OD $10
    Federal Marshal Brassard , Red with white patch “ MARSHAL”, Civil Rights Era $10 ea.
    “Armed Forces Police” Armbands, 50’s-60’s Era, Yellow lettering on black, $5 ea.
    “Shirt,Woman’s,Utility” Vietman Era Nurse’s shirt, Cotton/poplin, good shape
    3xSize 14, 1xSize8 $12 ea.
    Swedish M59 Jackets, New in the wrap from US Cavalry $5 ea.
    Browning BAR mag belt, Khaki, Marked Charles F. Clark 1942” $30
    XXL Black T shirts that read “There’s no truth in the news (front) and no news in the truth (back) $10 ea.
    2x NIW M185 Signal Kit, Pen gun flare launcher with flares, 1 opened to see contents, $85 ea.
    29x Olin 25mm Red Marine parachute flares (4 boxes of 6 and 1 box of 5) $10 per flare
    4x NIW Motorola Talkabout T4300 FRS radios , basic model, $14 ea.
    3x Complete Large ALICE packs with frame, kidney pads straps etc. $35 ea.
    Mesh “tactical vest”, cross draw holster with 8 M4 mag sized pouches, marked “EGS Intern. Supplies Ltd.” OD $25
    Safariland 1.25” thick belt with brass buckle, approx. size 28” $10
    USGI Padded Rifle case, “Jump case” I believe is what its called, heavy canvas OD $25
    M17 gasmask bags , have several, $5 ea.
    Misc. sized canvas shoulder/butt pack/bread/mail/wtf?? bags from US/Europe $4 ea.
    USGI M16 mag pouches , most with ALICE clips, $1 ea.