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GAP Floorplates for Glock subcompacts (G26, 27, etc...)

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Whiskey_Rocka_Rolla, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Whiskey_Rocka_Rolla


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    Mar 14, 2012
    Love my Glock 26 subcompact, but still haven't quite figured out where to put my pinky when shooting. I tried adding the Pearce grip extensions that "add 2 rounds of mag capacity" (more like 1 round). The looked perfect in the picture. Felt just as perfect after I installed them at home.

    When I got to the range and shot....let's just say they were far from perfect. They pinched pretty bad on my pinky. Very uncomfortable when shooting, and I'd have to say that they have also compromised my overall control of the gun. Don't get me wrong, once you get a perfect grip on them, they are wonderful. Obtaining that perfect grip might take a few initial pinches to let you know you are holding the gun not quite right. I tried filing them down to literally a nub, but they still pinch. They are coming off, end of story. Whether I replace them with GAP floorplates, or just put the regular Glock factory plates back on, I am taking the Pearce extensions off. If anyone isn't familiar with this product, it is this one:

    I have since found this product, and from what I can tell, and what I have read, it seems (by looking at the picture) to be a great addition:

    Has anyone used this product? I am specifically wanting to know if it pinches in any way. I have read it drastically increases control, and improves IWB draw capability substantially. This sounds wonderful and all, but I am wondering if anyone has shot with it. That is the real test.