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GAP Floor Plate on Glock 26

  1. Got my GAP Floor Plates in the mail and got them installed on my wife's and my g26. Only one word for them......Awesome!!!!!!! I had one mag with a +2 Glock extension and one with a Pearce +1 extension. The GAP plates feel a thousand times more comfortable than the extended mags do. So if you have a 26/27 get ya some. You won't be sorry.

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  2. :agree:
  3. Yup!...
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  5. Yep!!! :whistling:


    (along with its Remora holster....)
  6. One GT member was kind enough to send me a pair as a gift and will be trying this on my G26... What do you guys like best about these... Honestly i always felt uncomfortable with my pinky hanging when shooting especially with the G27 but never shot the G26... So always used a pinky extension... How is this better?
  7. Installed mine last night, so my opinion is not "tested." Right away though, I feel more secure with my draw. The fourth finger cannot slip off the end of the grip when unholstering.
  8. yes, the Gap floor plate are great.
  9. Draw is more secure, as is grip. It keeps fingers where they are supposed to be and you don't think about the "hanging pinky" after a short while.
  10. I really have to pick up a set for my 26, as I'm slacking.
  11. What I like and find beneficial with the Pearce vs. the Gap is how nicely the pinky finger fits on the Pearce - more room.
    Not so with the Gap but that could be just me.
  12. GAP floorplates are great from drawing the baby Glocks form the holster.
  13. I've been using the GAP floor plates on my 27 and 26 since at least 2006. They are solid. I actually posted a "torture test" of these things year ago but the thread is long gone. I have at least a dozen of them and have given away my Pearce extensions to friends who prefer those.

    I'll give up the extra round or two of a Pearce or Glock extension for improved concealment and a rock solid grip.

    If you want to see a good comparison of the various products out there, go to the GT Sub Club:

  14. Well we did get one pic . . . . .