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Game installation froze, won't reinstall or continue-Any way to force?

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I was installing USAF the other day and it froze during the installation. It wouldn't continue and it won't reinstall. I've taken it out of the registry and deleted the program files but it still thinks it's in the middle of the installation. Is there anything I can do? Any file I missed?
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the usual questions. Are you using xp? Do you have the latest patch? this is janes usaf correct?
I'm using XP. The game (Yup, Jane's USAF) came out years ago so I can't imagine XP not being updated would be the issue, and I'm not even to the point of being able to use a patch for the game as it was only 60% installed. The computer meets and exceeds all of the requirements, and other games that are much older have installed without a problem. I've had all sorts of problems with games in the 16 years I've played them but I'm baffled on this one. I suspect it froze because of stuff on the CD, but after cleaning it off I'm stuck with this.
have you tried this?

To correct this error message we are going to have to run a utility that comes on the CD. To do this:

1. Double click on My Computer.
2. Right click on the CD-ROM drive that the USAF CD is located in and choose open.
3. Now scroll down until you see a program called USAF_Repair_Tool.EXE.
4. Double click on this file.
5. When the dialog box pops up click OK.
6. Restart the computer.
7. Now you can install the game without receiving this error message.
Thanks Jolt8me. Unfortunately that program itself didn't work, but you put me on the right track and I was able to fix it. Despite all of that I ended up with a graphical error, even after the patch. I've heard the older Jane's games sometimes don't like XP or certain, newer video cards, I guess that's what happened to me. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
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