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Galco for-G26/30/36

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This Galco is like new, no mars or scratches. Will fit the G26/G30/G36. Will sell for $35 shipped.
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What is the number on the back? Do you take paypal?
# SIL224 on the back. It is still for sale
Price is wright. Still up for sale
Searched under Galco's website for holsters to fit the G30, and the number you gave didn't show up. Are you sure it fits the 30 correctly? Because the 26/30/36 are all different widths. My 30 will technically fit into my MS SS holster, but not correctly (way to tight)
my g30 fits fine. it is snug but will stretch if kepet in the holster. lt seems like the holster was for a g26 and g17.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts