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    Mar 25, 2003
    Does the 44 fit in a holster made for a G19?
    Will a G48 fit the same holster?
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    Any holster that fits a small frame Glock (34, 17, 19, etc, and the 40 cal equivalents) will fit the 44.

    The 44, being a Gen 5 with ambi slide stop, Comptac Gen 5 holsters have a little bumb 'relief' on the right to accommodate that, but my Gen 3s and 4s still fit it as it is a little 3/8" spot, adding nothing or subtracting nothing from the retention.

    I had an old Blade-tech 34 DOH holster for IDPA, but wanted a new holster to fit every small frame form factor that I owned - and I wanted it to fit the longest gun I compete with - a 34. I ordered the Comptac Gen 5 holster for the 34 and it fits my 44 marvelously. I do tightened the retention screws slightly to retain a fully loaded 34, Gen 3, however.

    The 48 is a Slimline. Order a 48 holster and it will fit the 43x and 48.

    Slimline and small frame are two very different sizes, but I cranked down my old Blade-tech 34 holster to retain my 48 for one SCSA match while my 48 holster came in.

    The new Comptac also oblige suppressor-height sights which my Blade-tech did not.

    Amazon is about $10 cheaper for Comptac, than Comptac.

    Remarkably, my friend called Comptac to ask if the 34 holster would work for a 44... and they didn't know!
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