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hello fellows,

i knew before i purchased the g43 that my hand was a little big for it to grip the way i like.
the "pinky" extension on the 1 included mag will work for me just barely.
i had seen on the net when browsing the g43 that there are a couple of manufactures
out there that make 1 or 2 rd. floor plate extensions. thing is, i can only find one site " the glock store"
that carries them. and they are $20 ea.( plastic & alum. )

anyone know of a couple more different places i can buy these and maybe a little cheaper?

this is my first glock so i have another question too... can the other mag included with the pistol( w/o "pinky" ext. )
have the option to remove the floor plate so i can put a 1 or 2 rd. ext. on it also?

thanks for your help!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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