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G43 mag carriers

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Does anyone have a line on a twin mag carrier for the G43? In the past I've found that Fobus makes a kydex paddle version for most guns, but can't find one on their website and the stuff I've found with a general search turns up some generic models that don't specify that unique magazine size (as used with G43s).

Two years ago my right thumb would ride the G43 slide catch release and prevent me from reliably going to slide lock in IDPA matches. So, I dumped both guns (yes, I'd gone overboard again) and went back to a G26 and G19. Decided to try a G43 again with a GSSF coupon and I'll be darned if my thumb no longer causes problems. Hmmm. Did Glock modify the frame, has my thumb shrunk, or has my grip changed? Not sure, but I always loved the feel of the gun and it was accurate enough for me ... so I'm back in business, using my CC IWB carbon fiber holster for IDPA and BUG matches.

The only thing missing is a mag carrier that will hold the G43 mags securely; for the time being I'm using a Fobus carrier designed for double stacks and that can only be a short term fix because they fit pretty loose.

Thanks for any insights.
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I don't shoot the gun games so,I don't need double carriers. For my CCW carry I find that Comp-Tac or GLOCK single carriers work great. Why not carry two singles? That would give you the flexibility of placing them around belt loops.
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