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G43 first range report

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Well first off this thing just glocks. Nothing fancy just goes boom every time you pull the trigger. I put 250 reloads down range then 20 HST 124 +p and not one issue. Now for the bad.... the trigger is brutal after that many rounds. That will be an easy fix with sandpaper. I need more time to get used to the trigger pull. I have had many and still do XD's . All in all it is a great gun and t will see plenty of holster time.
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I'm generally opposed to replacing the functional parts of a Glock, but that Apex trigger (its not a trigger shoe, btw) looks mighty tempting because it leaves the OEM trigger assembly intact.

<rubbing goatee thoughtfully>
I am also opposed to changing parts on a gun except sights, grips, and a magazine. But that trigger needs to fixed. I bought a glock trigger and I am going to work it with the dremel.
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