G43 Beavertail causing problems! Help?

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    Oct 29, 2016
    I have seen other postings around about the downward curvature of the G43 beavertail causing pain. This is happening to me as well! It is NOT slide bite (I've been shooting for 20+ years and had plenty of those over time, and a host of other pinches. scrapes and burns...this is definitely different!). To shoot, I get a nice high grip but not above the beaver tail at all. The curve downward on the tip of the 43's tail digs into the fleshy part of the webbing on my hand as well. I am shooting with both thumbs forward on the left-side of gun as I was taught. I use a firm grip, but much more from the left than right hand. Then when i squeeze trigger, any recoil at all causes it to rub away at the fleshy part of webbing between thumb and index finger. I end up with a very painful weeping sore about half the size of a dime. I have tried a band-aid, didn't do much and rubbed off. Tried a glove, no help...actually might have made it a tad worse. I really love this guns compactness...so easy to carry concealed. I have worked a lot with it to get my accuracy almost on par with my 19. I'm shooting it as well at 30 yards as my 19 now...probably a 1000+ rounds through it. I do have the Glock Orange trijicon night sight, which is so much better for target acquisition. I did add the +2 Taron tactical bases and springs to my mags, but it didn't change my grip or the problem...just gave me better surface for my big hands and a warm fuzzy carrying 9 instead of 7! But this problem with the rubbing/digging into my hand has made it so I can only practice every 2-3 weeks and then wait for the sore to heal. It feels and looks a lot like a bad road rash. So I am sitting here deciding if I go to work on the grip or start looking at other single-stacks (feel dirty just saying that!). I'll admit to being a bit of a Glock fanboy, but I have other full-size autos as well, such as a Smith and a Ruger. But in the sub-compact single stack there are very few I would trust my or my families life with, and for reliability Glock tops the list.

    I have never taken a Dremel to a Glock before. I have used fine sandpaper and smoothed out the inside of the trigger guard on the 43 (I was getting small blisters on the bottom-side of my trigger-finger tip-the sandpaper trick corrected this and no more problems!). I'm kind of nervous about taking too much off or screwing it up somehow. Any advice from people who have done these kind of mods? Is anyone else having this rubbing issue? I have tried tightening up grip (just caused me to pull a little left), lowering grip (still rubbed because recoil increased and accuracy declined) and of course the gloves and band-aids.

    Don't get me wrong..despite my man-gina being sore and my pride, not to mention, my hand hurt...I'm still a big fan of this gun! Being able to carry so compact, having such reliability and accuracy, from such a tiny gun, and having the nine rounds now at hand, I still would recommend people give it a try! Just looking to ease my pain and the frequency of my practice! Any help appreciated!