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I purchased the TBRCI Micro comp for my G43 and paired it with a SilencerCo threaded barrel.
Why? because I'm the kinda guy who thought the peanut butter was better than the cheese in the MREs and I would also trade out my pound cake for your dried cranberries.
Seriously though, My Wife has arthritis in her hands. She isn't recoil sensitive but is *super* sensitive to snap aka muzzle flip aka muzzle rise aka "why does it feel like a small person trying to uppercut my hands?"
When she was first looking at a small single stack for the summer, I had her try a G43. She hated the snap. I still bought it and used it for myself while she went in a different direction. Now, I'm the kinda guy that wants her to be able to use whatever might be lying around the house if needed and I also want her to be good with it. She couldn't get though more than one magazine out of my 43 without her hands killing her for the next 2 hours. This was no bueno to me. I did the little things that I thought *might* help even the tiniest bit so it has a heavier guide rod and that rubber Hogue monstrosity on it. She likes the grip. She never noticed the guide rod change. Honestly, I didn't either so outside of material choice, I don't think it's worth it. She still hates the snap. So now what?
In December, after having a new winter carry for myself I found time to play with around with my little summer kicker. I ordered the SilencerCo barrel and the Comp. The barrel doesn't have the tightest lock up. It's like stock. I can push it down with the slide released (closed) like a stock barrel. It can wiggle a bit. I know this isn't going to be the most accurate of barrels and it'll never be king of the match streets but I figure it will be as reliable as the stock barrel with those tolerances. So far, after about 500 rounds, the answer is yes. It's reliable. It shoots straight. I get less fliers than the stock barrel. Accuracy didn't really change because I'm me. Expert with a rifle, marksman with a pistol. (That's the bare minimum to qual in scoring in the USMC. Marksman ->Sharpshooter -> Expert).
So...the compensator. The block of aluminum I put on the end of the barrel. The added length that now makes my 43 longer than my wifes 19. Does it work? I'm subject to my own bias because I spent money on it. I don't think it was a lot of money but still, I paid for it. I shot it. I wanted to get a second opinion and who better than my Wife? So it took the Wife test. This woman, who couldn't shoot my 43 for more than 6 rounds without having horrible hand pain for hours put more than 100 rounds down the pipe in a single range session. If that doesn't say enough, she said it felt like 70-80% of the snap was gone. She thinks it might feel softer than her 19 now. She said that if that was available to shoot when she was looking at it, she would've been ok with it. For me, this is a complete win. Will she carry it? I don't know. I already carry it this way. I honestly don't notice much in the length change whether appendix, hip, or even in my SOB holster. That's not the total point for me. The point was for her to be able to shoot it and not have her hands get wrecked while doing so. Mission accomplished.
I was originally hoping to give input after putting 1k rounds through it but I've working with my Winter carry and I'm not fond of dealing with Loctite all the time. TBRC recommends Red Loctite. I used Blue when I first put it on to test the comp. While blue works fine if you aren't going through magazines like you are in an 80's shoot out, I WILL be swapping to red before summer. Also, the fit of it on the SC barrel is great. It's close enough to be flush. You will only notice a gap with the light behind it like in the photos. Aesthetically, I'm super pleased with it. so far, zero slamming against the slide, which means no wear marks on the comp or the slide nose.
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"But Russ, if it's longer than the 19 and you added those damn +2 mag extensions for carry, why not just use a 19 yourself?"
Because of the way I dress in the summer. I can hide a single stack better than a double with the way I dress. I don't feel like spending the money to change my wardrobe if I can change the size of my carry and be confident in it.
"But Russ, you put that Hogue nasty on it and that makes it fatter so about that double stack..."
YES I KNOW. It was mainly for the Wife's attempted benefit. I think she could take it or leave it so I'll be going back to the Brooks Tactical A-Grip for summer. Plus, she's hyped over the Sig P365 as a summer carry.
"But the Sig is probably gonna be snappy..."
I KNOW. I have no idea if I'll be able to solve that problem for her.

TL;DR No, I don't think it's for everybody. Yes, I think it could be a bit goofy as an EDC. Yes, it works for me and she thinks it's amazing at its job.
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