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G42 trigger issue

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My wife recently bought a new G42 for carrying. Upon receiving it, I took it out & put 200 rounds thru it. No issues, no complaints except for the hard pulling spongy feeling trigger.

I bought a G42 Ghost Edge connector and installed it.
6 times I put it in and 6 times I had to remove it by pulling the back cover off the slide. Trigger wouldn't reset.

Called "Rock your Glock" - Their armorer says the same thing I said. Maybe it's the wrong connector in the right package. He sends me another new one.

Same story.
Trigger won't reset and I have to pull the rear slide cover and pull the firing pin to get the slide off.

I reassembled it with the original connector.

Anyone got anything on this?
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Who me?
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Yeah, I have a feeling I'll just leave it as is. Nice shooting pistol. I added the 2 round extensions to it and gave it a good workout.

Accuracy is good. Sights are on the money.
I reckon the she'll have to get used to a squishy feeling hard trigger until I feel like doing surgery on it.
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