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G42 Reassembly

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Just picked up me new 42 and put 200 rounds through. I did a complete teardown and cleaned her up. I have a couple of questions on the reassembly. 1)the plastic piece that resides inside the trigger spring has a slanted side and a flat side. Mine has the flat side up. Is that correct. 2) are the slide lock spring and the firing pin safety spring the exact same spring or do I need to keep track of which one goes where. 3)Does the slide lock notch face the rear like it's big brothers.
I always appreciate the help.
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1. My similar G43 has the flat side down. Are you saying it came the way yours is or did you reassemble it that way? Looking at the trigger mechanism housing assembly, it's possible it could work either way, but I haven't tried it the other way.

2. Yes, the slide lock spring is the same spring as in the firing pin safety (and also the slide stop) for the G42/43.

3. Yes, the slide lock notch should be rear facing as in other Glocks.
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