G37 Maiden Voyage

Discussion in 'The Bull Dawgs Club' started by marcoh, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Well it took me long enough, but I finally got to the range with my new G37. Before I fired the G37, however, I warmed up by firing four pearce-plus-one-modified G39 mags with Federal AE 230gr FMJ through my G39. This was to establish a baseline for felt recoil before I fired the G37.

    Next, I fired six mags of Federal AE 230gr FMJ and four mags of DoubleTap 200gr bonded defense JHP through my G37. Compared to the G39, felt recoil was negligible, and when I say "negligible", I really mean Negligible even with the DoubleTap loads. I figured with the longer, heavier barrel and slide felt recoil would be softer, but wow! For the last couple of years I've fired only subs, so I was very pleased with how much more relaxed a grip I could use with the G37. I think this may have been due in part to the increased grip surface in contact with my hand. Note, I have limited use of my left limbs, so I can't manage a proper modified Weaver stance/grip. I fire one-handed, strong side. YMMV if you fire with a proper grip, but for me, I've never fired more accurately with a new (to me) firearm before this.

    Afterward I fired a couple of mags of 9mm through one of my G26s, but the truth is after the G39 and G37, "the thrill is gone" with my G26's. I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone who loves his 9's, but I'm thinking it might be time for me to find good homes for my G26's.

    Bottom line: I :hearts: my G37.
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    Good deal! I like all the Glocks I have, but my favorites are the M37 and M38.