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G36 Spring ?

Discussion in 'Thin to Win - G36 Club' started by donjose, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. donjose


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    Oct 7, 2010
    Anyone running a wolf 22lb spring and guide rod in there G36?
    Any problems with heavy loaded +p frame battering with the stock spring?

    Thank You
  2. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

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    Jul 26, 2002

    Sent you a reply to the PM ya sent me... But I'll put it here as well in case ya didn't get it or something..

    Amigo, problem here is I know nothing about The ammo you ask about in the PM. So, I cannot say what they are doing. From what I have read it is good stuff, but who knows?

    I would call them and ask if their ammo is completely within saami specs, and if it truly is, then I see no reason for a 22# spring in the G36. If it is not, then I would not use it... (their ammo). haha.

    Now when I go out and shoot the G36 for a few hours or whatever, I use a non +P 'hand load of my own'. Let's call it the equal to a box of walmart 230gr WWB (winchester white box). Or CCI Brass (i like those btw). So we're talking stuff that in a 5" government model would run about 850/875 fps.

    No problems there In G36. My carry stuff will either be 'my hand loads of a 230gr XTP at 907fps' ( a +P rating) or I carry WW PDX1, 230gr bonded you can buy at Dick's sporting goods, or Cabela's etc. They are the same thing as 230gr +P Ranger T bonded.

    I shoot a mag full of these quite often when I am done with my shooting session.

    I guess what I am saying is, that unless your going to just shoot hundreds of hot 45's through there all the time, the 'factory spring is plenty good enough', and I have had NO issue with mine even shooting hotter loads, for about 1500+ rounds now.

    I Shoot +P 'only' in these 'small little tubes' (for carry) because if not, the velocity we get is just (imo) to low to make me comfortable. It 'does not take much' with a big 230gr (which is all I would ever use in a 45) but I do not want to be down in the high 700's or real low 800's with that 3.78" barrel, so in "It," I use my hand loads, or the WW PDX1, or the Ranger T +P 230gr. The latter is really very good for factory SD round.

    So if your not going to run a truck load of +P's through it all the time, No, you do not need the heavy spring.

    I still have the factory spring in mine that came with it, through all the soft and medium and 'hard pounding' 1500 round loads, and 'ALL is fine' !

    In fact, with "mine" I took the wolff duel rod and spring 21/22#'s out of my G30 and put it in the G36 and my groups opened up real bad. :dunno: I went back to the factory spring, and whether factory loads I mentioned, or my +P hand loads at 907 fps, all is fine and good to frame and slide and accuracy has been 'beyond excellent' even at longer ranges.

    If you are going to carry +P (and I would in that small tube) and I do, and practice with non +P, and shoot a couple mags full of +P at every session... You will be fine 'all stock' I assure you ! Again, mine is fine at 1500 rounds or so in this way, and actually, I probably have more of my +P hand loads at over 900fps through it than anything else since I hand load I do not buy much factory stuff...

    Hope this helps bro.
    God bless ya.

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