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G36 Base Pads Pearce +0 or +1?

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I'm sure this has been talked about before but I was having trouble searching the forum for the answer I'm looking for.

I have seen the +0 Pearce Grip extensions. However, how do you feel about the +1? Is it a solid fit? Does it extend the grip slightly longer than a G19 frame?

I carry a G19 but really like the 45. One of the downfalls of the 19 is that I have big hands that barely fit the grip. As a result, the slide bites me quite a bit.

I was looking at ordering 6 of the +1 pads but want to see if there is anything I should know before purchasing.
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That would be a matter of personal taste. I have my way of thinking and that is, If it is not made by Glock I am not putting it or on my Glocks. Just has proven to be less grief for me.
I like the +0, gives me the same feel as the 23.
I have a number of magazines for my 36 and some of them have the +0 grips. I like them immensely, and have never experienced a failure using them.
+0s here great grip on the 36 now and no worries about the mag failing me
I can't get a comfortable grip on my G36 without a Pearce extension. The +0 is a perfect fit, and doesn't appreciably add to the size - or detract from the concealability.

What's nice about the +1 base plate is that it works without changing the spring, unlike the +2 plates on my G21 mags. So if I need a spare, it's sporting the +1 plate, but +0 is ideal for the mag in the gun.
I like the +0 and have them on all my 36 magazines.
Thanks everyone, I ordered the +0 for my mags today. As long as the grip is the same length as the G19/23 I'll be ok. Of its any shorter I'll give it a try the +1's
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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