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G35 Gen 3

  1. New to the forum an just got it a few weeks ago and it has been flawless out of the box.. Wanting to upgrade to some better sights, any suggestion. What are some of the G34 and G35 guys using..
  2. i have warren/sevigny competition wide notch rear sights and front fiber optics on all my glocks, work super, nice and fast target acquisition. brownell's sells them, and of course other stores.
  3. Howdy! :wavey:

    Looks great.

    Are you using it for target, competition, defense?
  4. Congrats! I have a G35, and it has Trijicons. I'm happy with them...but may change them out with some Dawson Precision.
  5. For CCW - Meps or Trijicons

    For range or comp - the Warrens or I have a fiber optic red front and some MMC field goal post green nights adjustable rears.


    The G35 is versatile - 40SW and convert to 357 sig for more power or 9mm for practice.

    Love mine! Rock yours:supergrin:
  6. I prefer the Meps or Glock factory night sights on all my Glocks.
  7. I like the factory night sights...
  8. Thanks.. Mainly for target and defense. I am 230lbs so the size is not that big of deal for me.. Had a G22 and got rid of it for a Taurus PT 1911, but came back to the Glock family. The G35 is my only piece right now, but plan on added a few more by summer. I think the G35 serves all my needs right now until I am able to build up my collection..
  9. Welcome and congrats!
  10. On my G35 I like the Ameriglo I-Dot or I-Dot Pro. They're like Heinie Straight 8's but cost much less, you can get them new online for $60. Actually, all of my Glocks wear them. They give a good crisp sight picture for quick target acquisition and green/green night sights as well.

  11. Great gun for sure.

  12. I've been thinking about purchasing a 9mm conversion barrel for mine... I would like to purchase a 357 sig conversion and have rounds scream out of it..... My G35 will be in my life forever along with my G19 3rd gen OD and G27.
  13. I picked up a Gen 4 G35 a few weeks ago. I've only had time to put 30 rounds through it so far, but I love it. :D

    I'm using the factory adjustable sights, and I'm quite happy with them. I thought about some night sights, but I stuck a flashlight on it instead. No more need for night sights. :)
  14. like mine, got it last week. fired it but had an issue with riding the slide stop and it not locking back on last round, so i switched it out with a normal one. no more problems now. i also contoured the extended mag release so it did not dig into my side so much. great gun!