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G34 2-pin help needed!

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Hey guys this is my first post so be gentle!

So I scored a g34 in a trade a few days ago. He sort of just threw it on on the deal. It’s a 2-pin model so I’m assuming it’s a early gen 3. I’m not really looking at keeping this Glock and making it a serious shooting part of my collection. I know a lot of these glocks were recalled, so maybe someone could help me out on a few things:

- value? It’s in about 80% condition. No cracks or anything. Came in the old Glock Tupperware box with one LE only mag. Night sights are dead, but the previous owner said he believed the night sights came on it. They are Trijicon. It’s a blue label with a NY trigger. Has the original Tupperware type box.

- year? Serial number is EEEXXXUS

- safe to shoot? I know they added the third pin to help the extra pressures of 40 and other more powerful cartridges. Am I ok to shoot this 9mm?

- recalled? I spent 15 minutes on hold today over my lunch with Glock. Maybe someone on here can help me out to see if it was recalled.

- should I bother with a recall if it was recalled? Will this destroy any value?


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