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G32 questions

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I had and sold a g19 because I have the 10 round mags and could not resolve the issue of the last round feeding from slide lock or sling shot. Maybe it's not such an issue for some since the gun would fire off all 10 rounds but a CCW gun that I can't chamber a round in should there be a mag with just 1 round in it drove me nuts.

Having said that I'm considering a g32. This would work great for me having 1 gun on my permit which has more power. For those with the g32 and 10 round mags are there any issues feeding duty JHP's?

By accident I discovered the g19 issues. I had empty mags and loaded one to chamber a round then was going to load the mags to 10 and carry it. The situation was with JHP at slide lock with a mag which has just 1 round in it.

I have a g26 coming next and will transfer it in a couple weeks. That gun started life as a 10 round so the mags haven't been butchered for California. I imagine it's fine because all its mags are 10 round.

When glock made the decision to butcher the mags they did it the dumb way. Adding ribs inside the mag body meant having to alter the width of the mag spring which meant feeding issues so new followers etc. my cz mags are done the right way. Chop off as much tube needed to reduce to 10 and replace the length with a thicker base pad. This keeps the top end of the mag original which is where the reliability is most critical.

Anyway I love glock and my g17, g21, g30 are all fine but the g19 wasn't. Once I had the issue my glock buddies who are brand cheerleaders doubted me until I handed it to them. The indoor gun range guy doubted me and graves his rental g19 and had the same issue. I came here to research and found an overwhelming amount of you guys having the same issue and j was shocked. Glock wouldn't own to it and sent followers which made the issue worse so I gave up. This time around I would love some advice from you guys on the g26 and g32 to be sure I'm good to go on buying these.

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I have never had that issue with my Gen 2 Glock19, I have used 10 round magazines since I retired in 2001. My son now has an OD Gen3 Glock32 that I bought new & didn't like the snappiness, it is now on his CCW. He or I have never had any problems running with 10 round magazines, his EDC round is the 125 grain Barnes as loaded by Underwood.
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