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G30sf 9th round failure to feed?

  1. I just bought a new April 2009 G30sf from a dealer. They tried to sell me a "newer" one, but this one has the nice finish on the slide with the shine - same as my G36.
    Took it to the range. First two mags, loaded with Wally World Winchester white box JHP, the NINTH round in each mag FTF - NOT the fail to go into battery thing, I already addressed that with the Dremel tool, but like in the picture above, the slide was open about 1" and I could see the round was not captured fully on the extractor.
    I then did 100 rounds of Remington Value Pack 230gr JHP (Wally World), flawless. Then two boxes of Federal FMJ, some Fiocci FMJ, all flawless. I had one further 9th round FTF, I think it was either WWB or Federal HST (or questionable origin - the gun did not like this round at all but I got it from someone and it could have been cycled a bunch of times or whatever).
    All the while I switched between the G30 slide and the G36 upper. With the G36 upper mounted the gun was absolutely flawless.
    SO I think the failures with either mag related or maybe the ammo. I have read that the WallyWorld WBB is a very light load.
    My gun has the -1 trigger bar and newer recoil spring. NFG serial.
    One of the two factory mags seems to be a problem - it only takes 10 rounds once in a while, and when fully loaded it "bulges" like the old time NML mags - it is tough to insert into the grip.
    As far as cycling the slide with a 10 rounder in place, I polished that ridge in the slide that rides over the carts and picks up the next round. Made it much easier to cycle with a 10 round mag slapped in. Do not take any metal off, just polish.

    I went to the local WallyWorld and scored 3 value packs of 100 rounds Rem 230gr JHP for $42 each. Back to the range next week to verify that the gun works perfectly with this ammo. That would make me happy!

    Anyway, what's up with the 9th round failure? I have read of a couple of other people having the same issue.
  2. i never had that issue with the g30, but i did have other problems with wally's white box, due most likely to light loads. i've had less problems with tulammo, but federal and blazer also have been trouble free. more importantly, pick a good defensive load and make sure it cycles 100% for carry.
  3. What problems did you have with WWB? It was fine in my G36, not so fine in the G30 sf.
  4. Wow, that's strange! I never had any problems with my G30 born- 2008 (with the shiny glossy finish). I mostly use WWbox 230gr from Wal-mart, & that Monarch 230gr from Academy. I would call Glock in Smyrna to see what's goin' on. Also, I would try to stay away from that Monarch ammo, not bcuz it sucks, it just makes your gun very dirty, which makes cleaning a pain in the arse!:cool:
  5. Congrats on the new .45! $42/100 box is a little steep for target/practice ammo. If you are OK w/ online orders, try sgammo.com

    Also, number your mags to see if the problem follows it. It may be a follower it spring problem.
  6. There have been some reports recently of out-of-spec WWB .45 rounds that won't chamber. Stick to other brands for a while and if you have no problems, then the ammo was the cause.
  7. The funny thing is, at one point I put three rounds into the mag, and the first went bang and the second (NINTH ROUND) went almost straight up into the barrel hood. I do think it might have been the last leftover WWB rounds, OR it was Federal HST, which as I stated is of questionable origin, but either way, that was my third and only other glitch with the gun and again 9th round.

    The Walmart deal was for JHP, and they are perfectly good carry rounds as long as they function. Remember, this is a .45 we are talking about. Anything that works is going to be a better round that almost any other caliber.