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G30 OWB help please?

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I am looking for an OWB holster to carry my G30 in and still be as concealed as possible. I would like it to be high and tight. I have tried the Glock Sport/Combat model with not much luck. I really enjoy paddle type holsters but am open to anything. What are your suggestions? Thanks.
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Try out...

... the Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster (Glock 30 = item #410530BK-R).
It comes with a belt loop attachment and a paddle attachment. They also have other attachment accesories (shoulder, thigh, chest, etc.) for the holster.

... the Galco Fletch High-Ride belt holster (Glock 30 = item #FL298).

... the Galco CCP paddle holster (Glock 30 = item #CCP298B).
the Galco Fletch High-Ride belt holster (Glock 30 = item #FL298).
This would also be my vote. Galco makes a quality product.
I just posted this on another thread but this is my G30 with a OWB holster by Lobo Gunleather.
I love the fact that it goes on and off in a second and secures well.
Great quality at a great price.


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When carrying G30 OWB I use a Comp-Tac C-Tac paddle with FBI cant, with good results.
I got the same holster for my G30 as I have for my SIG, I use a desantis speed scabbard. I find to get it really tight to the waist, I have to run the belt over the holster instead of under it. My hips are wider than my waist(nothing OWB tucks up very tight on me). If you have a little bit of love handle or larger waist than hips the speed scabbard will tuck up good and tight with the belt behind the holster. I only use this holster while working and it ends up being concealed under my suit.
I have a Don Hume 721OT(open top) for my G30SF. Holds tight to the body.
I use a Blade Tech Eclipse holster for my G30. It sucks the gun right up to you.
Fist K2 High Ride, done. You are welcome. My all time favorite holster by a long shot. I googled a pic and funny thing is, this is me, with my XD SC in the K2, ha. I have a Walther PPS and a K2 now. Very snug.

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you might want to take a look at the Alabama High and Tight. You can get it with belt loops or clip over the belt. I have the clip model for my G36 and I like it.
Raven makes awesome kydex rigs... I highly recommend them... Several of my colleagues run those under their Suits. I happen to use leather, but, for kydex, hard to beat em.
I use a a #1 pancake from Lobo Gun Leather. My next one from him will be the Enhanced Pancake for a S&W 1911ES.
Just remember, putting a heavy gun like a G30 in a high ride OWB REQUIRES a very stout belt, i.e, no less than a reinforced 1.5". Here is my 30SF in High Noon's Slide Guard OWB. Get one of their belts while you're at it.
Anyone else notice that the Raven holsters have the same name as the Blade Tech holsters? "Phantom", "Eclipse"...
If I ordered a Raven Phantom with light attachment, can I also use it without the light attached too or will it not retain well?
I've got a Kramer holster for my G30. works great although lately I've been doing IWB. no idea why I used the Kramer for years.
Anyone ever wear the Andrews Saddle Style? Does this ride high or low? Looks great, but not sure how well it conceals. I have a G29 that I'd like to find a good owb holster for and use for CCW, not range work.
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