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G30 mags

  1. Where is the best place to order G-30 mags? I live in Mass. the previous home of the Kennedy's. Looking for 10 rounders with Pierce base plates. Thanks & GOD Bless! BRR
  2. Ive ordered then from Cabelas, never had any issues. unless your looking for a local dealer.
  3. Try cdnn, OMBexpress, botach, just to start off--- or the classifieds on this forum. I don't know the laws for MA.

    I used to live in Boston, had a CCL there. Kinda pain to own guns in MA. Used to buy lotsa guns from Collectors' Coin Gallery....Is that shop still there?
  4. A memeber is selling some in the classifieds here, I am purchasing a few from him. He still has more I believe.
  5. I think Midwayusa currently has the Glock factory magazines, including the G30 ones, on sale.

  6. If you don't want to put the baseplates on yourself, check out glockmeister. You can buy them pre-installed.