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    Feb 27, 2007
    Hey guys, anyone in the 954/561 area w/ a 26want to go out and shoot with me?. I am lookin to pickup my second glock. i havent even had my 23 for a month yet. I figure it would be nice to meet a fellow glocker, and someone who has a 26 i can fire to get a feel if its too small for me. After my 23 i wanted to go with a 9mm, i only own 1 pistol (but have access to more), and own many AR's. but theres just something about glock that attracks me to want them. (just like my AR's) so if your in the area and have a g26 and dont mind bringing it so we can shoot and i can get a feel for it i would appreciate it. thanks. please send me a PM if intrested.