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G26 & Pearce +3

  1. I had a couple pearce +2 extensions but I just got this pg-39 +3 and love the feel of it.
    I never knew these existed. Has anyone had any FTF's or any other problems with these? It's just slightly bigger than the +2 but feels so much better. 20200802_102229.jpg 20200802_102300.jpg
  2. I think I would just run a g19? What I like about my g26 is the smaller grip is easier to conceal. I do run a pierce finger ext or a 0.300 base pad.
  3. I have them on all 10 of the mags I use for GSSF. I've never had any failures on mine, but I only load 11 rounds in each mag. I do like the little extra grip.
  4. Why only 11?
  5. I used those on my [sold] G22.

    Neat idea for a 26
  6. Because I shoot GSSF matches with my G26 in subcompact division, and 11 rounds is the maximum numper of rounds allowed. I can get more in the mag, but I don't need more.
  7. I prefer the Glock factory +2.

    I had a couple of different Pearce grips years ago. One of them would send the baseplate flying off and the other was impossible to load the last round.