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G26 Gen4 Range Report

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So I just took out my bran new G26 that I bought some time ago but didn't get a chance to shoot it until now. I brought two 10 rnd mags and two 12 rnd OEM (not the Magpul) mags. The ammo I fired are as follows:

*50 rnds of Fiocci 158 gr.
*100 rnds of Federal HST 124 gr. (intended carry ammo)
*50 rnds of Winchester White Box 148 gr JHP.
*50 rnds of Magtech 115 gr.

I experienced 1 FTF with the WWB from one of the OEM 12 round mags. I intend to take it out at least one other range session before I start carrying it. Despite the hiccup with the WWB, would you consider this gun good to go? Would you call this a successful range session for the G26?

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With a new G26 Gen 4 you need to "beat up the spring" a bit by shooting a few hundred rounds through it . Also buy some Rem Oil spray from WM and spray down the double recoil spring assembly and the guide rod with Rem Oil and then wipe off the excess - then go shoot a few boxes of White Box or Blazer Brass 115gr. (115 gr. just because it's reliable and cheaper than 124 gr. target loads) ... After I did the above I never had another FF to fire , FF to eject , etc. with my G26 Gen 4... Also hit the connector in back with a short burst of Rem Oil to keep the trigger smooth . *Funny , I never use Rem Oil again on the G26 Gen 4 as I'll use Break Free , Weapon Shield or some other CLP when I field strip . But I still give the recoil spring assembly + guide rod a burst of Rem Oil once in a while and then wipe off and it keeps things running smooth and reliably (I believe the PTFE Teflon in Rem Oil is the secret in this recoil spring application) - try it !!
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