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G26.5 malf.

  1. Bought a gen 5 26 with night sights a year ago. Maybe longer? Ive shot 2900 round thru it. Today I put 100 rounds of sellier and bellot 115 fmj ammo thru it. It was shooting very well. Was working at 25 yard targets. Then all the sudden it slidelocked open with a loaded mag. I was shooting five shot groups. Then shot about 10 more rounds. It did it again. Then approx. 30 more rounds. 7 or 8 times in a row. It happened 12 or 13 times out of 100 rounds fired today. I have been shooting different generations of the model 26 for at least a year and a half or 2 years. No other guns really. Maybe a different glock model here and there? I shoot every week. Always works. Clean the gun after shooting it. Use the same magazine, it works. Its got a hyve baseplate +2 on it. I wipe the magazine down every range session. Mag was included with a 2nd magazine, and a used glock 26.3 gun. The magazine has about 10,000 rounds i have shot out of it. I use it only, pretty much. Sometimes I use a +2 glock factory magazine. I had no other gun or parts, or magazines today to swap. I forgot my 2nd 26.3 and another +2 magazine. Just in case this was to happen. If its not broke dont fix it. But its a glock, and now its broke! The slidelock just locks open on a loaded magazine. Flip it, it loads extracts, and ejects just fine. If I wanted a single shot I would have bought a rifle. Any ideas, anybody?
  2. Best guess is broken slide stop spring.not sure what you mean by flip it and it loads fine?
  3. Try different mags? Riding slide stop? Have someone else shoot it.
  4. Give it a good cleaning lately?
  5. Did you field strip the G26 prior to this shooting session? I'd also look at the slide lock spring.
  6. From Glock Armorer's Manual:

    Observed Problem - Locks Open Early

    Probable Causes -
    • damaged slide stop lever
    • reverse tension on slide stop lever
    • improper hand position
    IMO -most probable reason in bold (as others have already stated). This is based on what you wrote in the original post.

    Disassemble and check the slide stop lever spring for sure.
  7. Does is malfunction with a factory 10 round mag?
  8. Great trick that would be. The SLIDE LOCK is the part that must be pulled down to unlock the slide assembly from the frame assembly. The part you mean is the SLIDE STOP LEVER.

    Gen5 pistols use a COIL Slide Stop Lever Spring instead of the WIRE SSL Spring of earlier generations. It would be worth verifying that it is not broken or deformed, and that it is installed properly both on the SSL and in the frame.
  9. I dont slingshot the slide to chamber a round. Im in the habit of flipping the slide stop lever. When I get home after shooting guns that are shot get cleaned and properly lubed. I could not see it being riding the slide stop lever. Being that it just started happening. I'll check the spring. That was what i was thinking was possible problem?
  10. When you field strip if the slide stop flops around with no spring tension on it there is the answer.
  11. Sell your magazine that has 10,000 rounds down range. No reason to keep it. I sell all my Glock mags about every 5 years and replace them with new mags. The cost is only a few dollars per unit after selling the old mags off.

    Maybe your hand is hitting the slide lock. Maybe the slide lock needs replaced? I replace those as regular maintenance also, again, every 5 years or so. Cheap part, but very important part.
  12. Small gun will have you place thumb pressure upward on slide stop lever.
    I grip my 43 with the support hand clamped over the shooting hand thumb,- keeping it from pressing up on stop lever.
  13. Did you try looking at the slide stop lever?
  14. You may be bumping the slide stop lever up under recoil without realizing it. It can happen so fast you don't even feel your hand touch it. Even if you think your hands are clear of it before firing it can still happen under recoil.
  15. Got out to shoot more rounds out of the Gen 5 26. Took a old gen 3 26 and a few magazines. Just in case. I stared out with some grouping at 25 yards. Swapping out for another magazine and shot to slide lock with both magazines. Worked perfect. Same ammo as before. That I had malfunctions with. Swapped back to the magazine that was locking back the slide in the middle of shooting. It worked with all ammo. Put 100 rounds through it. Worked great. My guess is shooting at 25 yards for group size. With a relaxed grip. Caused the issues? Ill shoot it again tomorrow. So if it works it was a relaxed grip causing my issues?
  16. Do you have extended slide release lever? It is heavier and more prone to keeping going up under recoil and engage as you describe.
  17. When your grip is relaxed the gun is probably moving around in your hands enough under recoil that some part of your hands is bumping the slide stop up into the slide under recoil without you realizing it. It happens to a lot of people.
  18. Guys ive beem shooting Glocks for years now. No extended slide release,slide stop. Ive been shooting G26 models of whatever gen for 2 years. Except to break in the G44 for 1,500 rounds. So the relaxed grip did me in? Im not bumping the lever.
  19. Call Glock!!
  20. Shot it again today with the same ammo. It worked perfect. Was shooting again for 25 yard groups. It shot great! Got some nice 25 yard groups. I could have been holding it with a too relaxed grip.
  21. I've got a G26.5 and shot it with OEM 10 and 12 rd mag's plus MagPul 12rd'rs. Never had that issue with any magazines.