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I have a very good friend that is a former ATF agent. He lives in MS. so I don't get to visit him as much as I would like to. I also have a son that is 30 years old. Like dad, he has always chose S&W firearms over any other brand. There was that one time we both bought a Glock G17.4. I sold mine because I could not get comfortable with the grip ergonomics. He sold his to fund a new S&W FS 2.0 .40 cal.
Just recently my son and I went to my aforementioned friends house to shoot at his indoor range. Long story short, my son was shooting my friends Glock G23's, Gen 1-4. Now he wants one! He sold his M&P 2.0 .40 cal. to my friend. My friend also told him he can get him an almost excellent-very very good LE trade in G23 in either Gen 3 or 4. He has to decide. My friend explained the differences between the 3 & 4 to him, the Gen 4's extra mag., new RSA, etc. He advised my son to go with the Gen 4. But, here's the kicker; I "MIGHT" be buying one as well! At the prices my friend can get them at, I would be foolish NOT to get one. He's an FFL, so no fees.
Which Gen would "YOU" select, and why?
One more thing; Are you sitting down? He has a Class 3/SOT (?) license. He also owns a G18 AND a G18C! Those are some bad "BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP" guns!!!!!! :alex:
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