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Interesting to note is that only one particular magazine is having the FTE issue. I will have to shoot some more to confirm this.
Some of the .40 magazines with #8 followers and either a "1" or "no number" next to the Glock logo on the rear of the magazine, some people reported that there was excess plastic under the front of the feed lips, but I don't know how that would cause failures to extract or eject. But if you know only one magazine is giving you problems, try shooting out of other magazines only and if you experience no more malfunctions, you'll know the magazine was indeed the issue.

There have been a few instances of tight extractors where I assume the extractor just doesn't meet the specs, and once changed out with a new one the gun functions fine.

I'm not a Glock Armorer, but from a 2002 copy of the Glock Armorer's Manual:
Failure to Extract:
Exctractor worn/broken/missing - replace extractor
Overpowered or underpowered ammunition - change ammunition
Dirt under extractor claw - clean extractor and check function
Dirty chamber - clean
Shooting with an unlocked wrist - lock wrist
Failure to Eject/Erratic Ejection(including stovepipes):
Broken or damaged ejector - replace trigger housing mechanism with ejector
Underpowered ammo - change ammo
Dirty chamber - clean
Shooting with an unlocked wrist - lock wrist
Lack of lubrication - lubricate according to the instruction manual
Dirty gun - clean
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