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G23 Gen 2 Breech Face

  1. Hello All,

    Class was canceled today so I decided to browse a local gun shop near campus. I picked up a Gen 2 23 with night sights OTD for sub $400. I cleaned and checked it out and noticed this:

    [​IMG](picture taken from another thread, same damage)

    Is this normal wear for the Glock breech face? :dunno::shocked:

    Thanks for any input. I'm weary of shooting it until I deem it safe to do so.

  2. My Gen2 G19 looks very similar. My 3gens look smooth. I don't worry about it.
  3. Put several thousand rounds through it and see if you notice any difference!

    BTW, good deal on the G23
  4. I have a Gen2 G17 with probably 15K rounds through it (if was my brother's before mine and he shot it competitively for a while). It has looked like that for many 1000s of rounds (picts always look worse than actual, IME) and never changes. Glock slides are immeasureably harder than the brass or steel cases that are rubbing the breachface.

    I would not worry about that.
  5. My Gen 2 G22 looks the same, still fires great. I don't think you have to worry about it.
  6. i have a g27 (old one) that looks just like that, have always wondered how it got that way, still have been shooting the hell out of it, no issues
  7. My first G19 looked like that, never had a single malfunction with it
  8. Thanks guys...gives me a peace of mind! I'm gonna shoot the snot out of this thing tomorrow and let ya'll know how it went!

  9. My old G22 looks that way-it works perfectly
  10. Just remember that brass, or even steel, cases are not even close to as hard as that breach face.
  11. I figured so, but where does the damage come from then? :dunno:
  12. It's not damage, it's from the manufacturing process. The tool that cuts the breach face left those marks.