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G22 Wilson Combat barrel review

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by KenInColorado, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. KenInColorado


    Apr 18, 2012
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    Arvada, Colorado
    I finally got out to shoot my G22 with the new Wilson Combat barrel. I bought the barrel to gain accuracy, to shoot lead and so that I can reload as the .40S&W is the only caliber that I don't reload. The barrel was advertised as "may need fitting" but it actually dropped right in. Lock up was tight, cycling snap caps showed no feeding issues.

    Today's range day was function testing and breaking in the barrel. I didn't take any pictures and I left the targets at the range, but in general I'm very impressed with the accuracy of the barrel. I ran 200 rounds down range, 150 were WWB 165 grain and 50 were Blaser Brass 180 grain. The gun shot them into one ragged hole at 12 yards (the yardage of the range). I had no failure to feed or failure to eject. I didn't swap the factory barrel over to do a comparison, but my wild guess at the increase in accuracy is that the Wilson barrel cut the group size down to about 1/3 of what the factory barrel shot to.

    Fired cases look like fired cases out of any other autoloading handgun, very good because they were minus the "Glock bulge".

    I am very pleased with this barrel. To quote Townsend Whelen, "Only accurate guns are interesting" and my G22 just got a whole lot more interesting.
  2. G26S239

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    That's cool. I never tried one of those when I had a G22 but I figured Wilson would do it right.