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G22 RTF2 Price

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Academy Sports has new G22 RTF2 for 499.00. No gills. Good price?
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Not a bad price. Cabela's has $25 off all Glock pistols but their G22's (Gen 3) are $509. You could potentially save $15 but the gas would be a wash. Cabelas does have the rough texture frame G's.

I always love going up to Buda.

$509 price is before the discount.
Cabela's Glocks go on sale often. Usually $25-$30 off. (Academy charges MSRP of $529 for Gen 3's and Cabelas $509.)
The RTF2 is a great gun.
I have an RTF2 G23 and love the texture. I ended up putting Talon grips on the rest of my glocks. I live about 20 miles from 1604 and I35 so the gas would cost me more than the difference. Dont need another Glock but that price has me wavering. I need to check if they have any giilys.
Bass pro in Georgia had a regular gen 3 g22 for $599. Academy sports in Macon, GA had a gilly for $429.00
Bass is way over priced. How long ago did the macon store have the G22 for 429?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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