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G22 Gen4 Problems

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by towncop, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Check the magazine followers too.

    Q: Are there Issues Using Tactical Lights on Glock® Pistols?
    A: Some Glock® .40 caliber pistols, models 22 and 23, exhibit feeding malfunctions, either nose down or nose up (stovepipe), when used with tactical lights. The problems tend to occur with individual guns, with some pistols becoming totally unreliable while other identical, even close in serial number sequence, guns have no problems. Most models 22 and 23 are reliable.

    A sensitive gun may malfunction with any tactical light - the TLRs, the older M models, and even Glock®’s own brand. There is evidence that the problem sometimes develops with use, and may progress until the pistol is unreliable even with no light attached.

    On the basis of testing by Streamlight, we believe the problem is magazine related. It appears that the rounds are unable to rise fast enough for proper cycling. We have observed proper feeding for the first few rounds, consistent failures at mid-magazine capacity, and a return to proper feeding of the last few cartridges in the magazine.

    We have tried both stronger and weaker recoil springs, and compound-action recoil buffers, all without success. Sometimes new magazine springs, either new Glock® or Wolff, will cure the problem. In one case of a pistol which was totally reliable when new but progressed to malfunctioning on every magazine, even with no light installed, we found two solutions which restored reliability, but which might not be acceptable to some users. The first was using 10 round capacity Glock® magazines. The gun will not cycle reliably with 15 round mags with their steeply stacked columns but works flawlessly with 10 round mags. The second solution was a new magazine follower from Brownells®, their part number 069-000-006. When used in a 15 round magazine with a new spring, reliability was restored. However, the follower would not lock the slide open after the last round.

    Ammunition is also a factor with any weapon. Some brands and weights may be totally reliable while others jam repeatedly. Make sure your gun is thoroughly tested with your duty ammo.

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    According to Glock, having a light attached reduces frame flex. Frame flex absorbs some energy, and when the frame flexes less that energy goes into making the slide cycle faster, so that the magazine spring strength is not enough for the faster slide cycle rate.

    My belief is that the magazines are partly to blame. There are little protrusions of plastic at the front of each feed lip which can be oversized and rub against the top round as it rises, slowing its rise and sometimes causing a failure to feed. In most .40 Glock magazines these protrusions aren't big enough to cause a problem, but when you couple the slower feeding rate caused by those protrusions with the faster slide cycling rate while a light is attached, the failures to feed become much more frequent. I had two brand new G23 magazines that failed to feed with no light attached, I shaved those protrusions down and they work flawlessly now.

    Glock has also upgraded their G22 magazine springs from 10-coil to 11-coil to help compensate for the failure to feed with light attached problem. G23 and G27 magazines still use 9-coil springs.

    Some people have reported that the problem seemed to be caused by the light being too tight, with the ones you hand-tighten if you tighten them with a paper clip until the paper clip begins to flex, that's just enough to keep the light secure but not cause failures to feed. Others report that seems to have no effect.
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    Yeah but those are gen 3 issues. 1st I heard of gen 4's having any problems with lights.
    I ran mine with lights for thousand of rounds in all kinds of positions with no problems.
    How many guns is this effecting? How old are the mags?
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    Finger tighten the TLR-1's.
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    Same here, I'm interested to see how this turns out.