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Glock 21 G21 Gen 4

  1. What a wonder experience this was shooting my new Glock 21 Gen. 4 Awesome addition to my Glock Life. IMG_0432.JPG

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  2. I rented one for the first time this week, your right it's a very nice shooter.
  3. Congrats on the G21.
  4. Probably my favorite .45 ever, love it.
  5. It was my gateway Glock. Converted me from a hater.

    It's a shame I dont shoot mine more, my 1911s always get my .45 love these days.
  6. I agree with the other users in this thread my glock 21 really opened my eyes to why glocks are good. The 21 is awesome to shoot at the range. Great capacity, awesome trigger and light In the hand. I do my best double taps with my Glock 21 at the range.
  7. Sweet!

    I’ve been known to have duplicates of favorite firearms and a Gen4 21 is near the top of my list to compliment my Gen3 21 which is arguably one of my favorite handguns.
  8. Congrats , Its pure 45acp bliss to shoot . 1012181943.jpg
  9. Nice pistol !!!
  10. I traded a G-19.4 for G-21.4 and my son replied that I finally got a big boy gun. Hate it when the kids are right. Installed a Fastfire 3, red dot and keep finding reasons to improve the learning curve. Problem being is I have not practiced with the EDC at all. So if you want to ignore your other guns get a g-21. Good luck!
  11. Bigger grip better? Still come to alignment real naturally, maybe more so?

    Nice pistol. I want one too!
  12. 21's are shear bliss to shoot!
    Nice blaster...Enjoy!
  13. Congrats. Heartily agree. Went several years wanting a G21 but fearing the grip was too large for our short stubby little hand. Found a G21.3 police trade in for an excellent price and took the chance. Glad we did. Our G21 is too large (for us) to conveniently carry concealed, but we consider it our most formidable handgun.

    We trudge on.
  14. Congrats!

    The G21, is a terrific pistol! ;)
  15. Back in the mid '90's I went to a local range to shoot a few Glocks because I was thinking about replacing all my defense guns with Glocks. I fell in love with the 21. The others... not so much. As it was, the 21 was too big for CCW so I gave up on the idea. About 10 years later, I re-visited Glocks and 23's and 27's became my primary defense guns. My next Glock purchase will be a 21. (unless I get seduced by the all mighty 20)
  16. That's my night stand gun. :cool:
  17. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, your killing me, I have got to get one soon, been waiting on a Police Trade in, G-21 gen 3 SF, or G-21 gen 4, a local Police Only Supply sometimes has full size G-21 gen3 with N/S one mag for $335, but I want what I want, and "DOH" I recently took a G-17 gen 4 one mag with N/S out of the used case for $300, and left the G-21 gen 4 with N/S next to it, that was as new one mag, that was $365...................never again.
    Let me go back in next week and see what a Blue Label with N/S costs.
  18. Congrats on the new pistol. I was thinking of acquiring a Glock 21 a few years ago but decided I would rather have a long slide .45acp and so the Glock 41 is the one for me. Enjoy and be safe.
  19. I really like my Gen 4 G21. I have several handguns in .45acp, and the Glock is one of my favorites. Soft-shooting, and always goes bang no matter what I feed it. I use it primarily as a nightstand gun, or carry it in a chest holster around the farm. Congrats on a great purchase!
  20. There are some nice Gen 4 21's on Gbroker from BHGunRack. They are $325 with no CC fee or shipping. Just got one in really good shape, haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.
  21. I purchased my G21sf Gen3 several months ago, and I load it with HST 230 gr.
  22. I agree with all the kudos that has been given for the G21. I like mine very much. In fact, I've sold, or traded, all my 1911 platform guns. Now, I own strictly Glock semis and different makes, calibers, of revolvers.
  23. I've been able to shoot the 21 for years, starting with the Gen 3, which is what my older brother was first issued when he got onto the PD in 2006. Now I shoot his Gen 4. There is literally nothing not to love about it.
  24. It's a good .45 pistol to be sure! We've used the G21.3 for about 15+ years as our agency duty weapon. I'd like to get one in a Gen 4 since that's the Gen for most of my other Glocks. May be the next one on the list.
  25. Congrats!!

    Now you need a G41 to go with it!!

  26. *There are people here who are pleased with their G41's , G30's , G30s's - but people here LOVE their G21's ...There has to be something above and beyond special for the G21 to make people so passionate about this Glock model !
  27. 21.4 here. I guess it’s how soft a shooter it is. You can put many 45 slugs on target rather quick and smooth.

    Like a Cadillac suspension system for the 45. The 45s recoil is a smooth push anyway, and the 21’s dynamics makes it even sweeter.
  28. *Expand on why you ditched all your 1911's for the G21 ?
  29. In my experience, 1911s throw brass every way that it can be thrown. That's been diagnosed as "clocking". Adjusting the extractor is a shot in the dark. New extractors never fixed the problem. New oversized Firing Pin Stops? I have NOT owned every 1911 that is currently produced. I have had several RIAs, two Rugers, two Metro Arms, one Spingfield and two Colts. And one Browning Black Label, in .380. The Colt Commander was the last to go. If I didn't reload, I wouldn't worry about finding my brass.

    1911s are a money pit. A Glock 21 is several thousand dollars cheaper that "top of line" 1911s. You can change sights, grips and recoil springs ad nauseam. And, it's still limited to 8 rounds, with modern magazines. 9mm 1911s are capable of another round or two, but then they are not 45s.

    The Glock 21.4 has fewer parts than the 1911. It weighs less than steel 1911s. Holds more rounds that any 1911. The Glock is easier for the average Joe to maintain.

    I am not critical of anyone owning and shooting 1911s. But for me, it was better to move on to the Glock 21.
  30. I went looking long and hard for a 21 Gen 41 a couple of years ago, but wasn't able to locate one. I did find a lightly used G41, though, and haven't looked back ;-)
  31. I converted my G21 Gen 3 to .50 cal via the GI conversion kit. It's more accurate and packs more punch than a stock G21. Pricey for sure but, I can say that mine's bigger than yours.
  32. Love my G21 but 1911s rock too. No reason both can’t coexist in the same safe together.
  33. Agreed. I don’t understand the great debate wars that are faught between the 1911 and the Glock.

    I think both rock, and have both.