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G21 Gen 4 Love ?

  1. A lot posted on 30s and G41 .45ACP (worthy of the praise) but how many elected to buy a G21 Gen4 and are still happy they did ? What things do you like best about the G21 Gen 4 ?
    *Note : As a Glock 9mm only user I have always admired the .45ACP caliber (so American !) and always dreamed of a 1911 in .45ACP ... But after Larry Vickers (who himself uses and trains many on the 1911 .45 ACP platform ) comes out and states : "1911's are too temperamental often failing to fire , eject , etc. at crucial times - go buy a Glock and problem solved" . This is not to start a 1911 vs. Glock debate ... Just suggesting a Glock 21 Gen 4 with a little trigger work and good sights could work it's way onto anyone's .45ACP short list .
  2. I set aside some $ for a G-21 SF 3rd Gen Glock and went to the local Police supply and held a Gen 3 SF and Gen 4 G-21 and to me the Gen 4 was a better fit in my hand, it is the only Glock left that I want in my collection, so I am not in any hurry to get one, but will someday eventually.
  3. I bought a 41. After a week I went and bought a 21 because it was easier to suppress than the 41.


  4. I am mainly a 9mm guy, with a 10mm thrown in for hiking. I have owned a G21 Gen 4 and I was VERY impressed when I took it to the range, every time. What amazed me was how much of a soft shooter (recoil) it had/was, and how accurate I was with it. I still remember staying in the red much better than I ever do with my G17/19/26s. Alas, I did sell trade it, but that was my ever changing whims at the time. I agree with the great one there, though I have much less experience than him. I also like the capacity of the G21. Enjoy it when you do get it.
  5. The g21 is the most powerful and most versatile
    gun Glock makes.

    With my G21 and the appropriate barrels I shoot,
    9mm, 357sig, 40s&w, 10mm, 45 acp, 45 super
    and 460 Rowland.

    Am still looking for a 38 super barrel for it.

    All my barrels are six inches or longer, some
    are threaded for a comp, really
    gets the power from each cartridge.

    These two threads is what inspired me,
    I have done most of what is in them.

    For me the g21 is the better choice, I was
    able to get a 9mm barrel for it but not the
    g30, also with the heavier slide and more
    distance between the sights it was easier
    to get more acc and power.


  6. I have the gen 4 21 and I'm very happy with it. It's by my side at night and I also carry it when I get the urge to. Very smooth shooter with minimal recoil. Going to try a "-" connector instead of the "dot" connector just to see how it works. The only mod I'm really doing is putting Ameriglo orange CAP sights on it like my other Glocks have.
  7. I have, and shoot many 1911's that are dead nuts accurate and reliable. Wonderful guns.

    Should I ever need to "go to war" my Gen 4 21 is the first pistol I'd grab.
  8. I had my 21 gen 4 out yesterday on the back range. It just is so easy to shoot and shoots so well. I ran close to 200 rounds through it. I enjoy it more all the time. I just need to reload more ir buy more 44 ammo!!
  9. 1911's to temperamental? Funny,that sure hasn't been my experience and I have shot factory and reloaded cast bullets out of my Colts and Les Baer for more years then I care to remember.Just wanted to mention that for the record because you can't always believe a whole lot of what the book writers and experts tell you. At any rate,I do have a G21 Gen4 and I love the accuracy of it along with the capacity that it offers over the 1911's. The 9 mm and the 45 acp,to me are ideal.The 9 gives you cheaper ammo to practice with while the 45 acp gives you all the power you need.
  10. Great comments - I appreciate the replies to date !
  11. My whole family is Glock .45 acp.
    My wife shoots a Gen4 G36, my son shoots a Gen4 G30 and I have two Gen4 G21's.
    After owning ad shooting MANY different calibers and brands, I settled on Glock for their durability, accuracy and simplicity.
    We decided on .45 acp because we liked the the round. I think (all things considered) that the Glock Gen4 G21 is the best pistol I have ever owned.
    They shoot softer than any other .45 I have ever tried. (or owned)
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  13. Ditto what these Glock 21 Gen 4 owners are saying. I held one at my local dealer's shop and once I felt it in my hand, I knew it was my choice for my first handgun. Nothing has changed my mind, I really enjoy my range days, and everyday carry is a pleasure.
  14. The G21 is an awesome handgun, great capacity, a lot of accessories available, etc. I could shoot my G21 as good as other .45 acp handguns that cost 2 or 3 times more but to be fair the G30 is not far behind.