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    Feb 15, 2010
    Hi All,

    I use a G19 for daily carry and have been practicing a lot lately. I have found that I consistently hit high and left. At 7 yards the groups are up to 3 inches high and 2 inches left of center where I am aiming. I just figured I was the problem.

    I shot my nephew's Springfield XD 45 this week and all my shots were dead on and still consitiently high and left with the G19. I have the factory sights on the G19 and would like to add some kind of improved sight like trijicon or similar. (just assuming new sights might as well be added if I am going to be making major sight adjustments anyway)

    Can anyone recommend the following:
    1. cost effective new sight solution
    2. local (plano, tx) qualified installer
    3. recommendation on how to get the sights properly aligned (boresight?)
    4. can I expect the place I purchase the sights from to install and boresight them?
    5. how long will I have to leave my G19 for the job (day/week/month?)

    Any suggestions welcome.