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G19 SS Barrel

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I have a G19 Barrel I purchased from Brownells years ago. They have since discontinued the model and cant remember what make it was. Has about 500 rounds through it. I have polished the feed ramp, good condition drop in barrel. Functions perfectly, just have an extra barrel I dont need.

I bought it for 70 new. Selling for 50 shipped.


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this would drop right into a g23 correct????
Im not too sure about're talkin about a different caliber.
I use a AccuMatch G19 barrel in my G23. Only thing different is I use G19 magazines for shooting 9mm. This combination works great in my G23 for shooting 9mm.

One word of advice .... make sure you mark it clearly "9mm" so you don't accidentally end up with a 9mm barrel and 40 caliber ammunition. :faint:
I didnt know that...interesting. Well the barrel is a drop in for the G19 so if bell ringer is right it should work. It is coming out of my G19C, so I would switch out between compensated and non-compensated at the range.
Interested, can this barrel be used safely with lead?
yes you can safely shoot lead through this barrel.

I'll take it for $50. PM sent
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