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G19 OWB Holster Weights?

  1. Anyone who has a G19 OWB holster, could you post the make, model, weight of it. I would just go check manufactures sites for the weight, but it doesn't seem like any of them post the weight.

    I was planning on selling my G19 and sold off all but one of my holsters and have since changed my mind. Quite the kick in the ass! Anyway, now I'm wondering what are the lightest G19 holster.
  2. They don't post it because it just isn't important. The weight of the holster is irrelevant when it is stuffed with a firearm and 16 rounds of 9MM.
  3. I can understand that. I'm curious if there is any considerable weight difference between holsters. I probably should of checked the weight of my holster first to see if it's even realistic that there could even be any considerable differences.
  4. well....think about it,you've got a kydex (plastic) holster vs the same in leather. the holsters arent big to begin with, so weight is prob irrelevant when a weapon is holsterd. i vote no on the "considerable weight difference":faint:
  5. My Fobus for the 27 feels lighter than my Safariland leather paddle holster, but barely. A good belt should make the weight difference unnoticeable.
  6. Glock sports holster. 3 to 4 ounces?
  7. :agree:

    Cheap, simple, good and very very light.

    Glock sports holster is probably the best deal in OWB holsters. So long as you don't mind that it threads onto your belt. You need to remove your belt to remove the holster.
  8. Galco Matrix
  9. Blackhawk serpa
  10. The Serpa is my favorite holster ever, however it is neither light nor concealable IMO.

    Compared to other Plastic holsters it is a bit heavier. The way it attaches with the Paddle or the Belt loops, it stand out a good half inch from the body, making it much harder to conceal (at least for me).