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G19 gen4 slide lock not slide locking

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1st post, 1st gun/glock! I love this gun, I have about 600-700 rounds through it thus far but all of a sudden it has started having issues with the slide not locking back after the last round is fired. I have cleaned it after every use and have tried multiple 9mm ammo types. I also tried multiple magazines so i know it is not that either. I have been using 115gr ammo with no issues until this one.

The only thing that I know I did was kept the slide locked back for about a week accidentally in the case. Could this have caused the issue, and if so how can I fix this?

I appreciate the help in advance.
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Assuming you're not riding the slide release lever with your thumb.

Possibilities for slide failure to lock after last round.
1. operator thumb
2. defective slide stop lever
3. worn follower
4. worn magazine spring.

You can check and eliminate 2, 3 and 4.
1. Unload your pistol and all magazines
2. insert empty magazine into pistol
3. Pull back slide all the way and let it go
4. repeat several times with each magazine
If it locks back every time, causes 2, 3 and 4 are okay

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I know I have a bad habit of letting my thumb impede the slide lock when I shoot my G19. I've never blamed the pistol for it. Unfortunately many of us are accustomed to using a high thumb grip from many years of shooting 1911 pistols.

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I bet you are riding the slide release lever. I thought I was doing this with my G29, but now I'm thinking it's just a worn magazine spring. I ordered new ones. That magazine has about 6,000 rounds through it, so I guess it's about time. That's 600 loadings.

It can be hard to diagnose things like this that occur during recoil. When I was new to guns, I bought a Springfield XDm 9mm 5". The magazine kept dropping out while shooting, and I was SURE that I wasn't hitting the button during recoil. I tried changing my grip and all. It kept falling out. I took it back to the gun store, and they told me to try with my left hand. Damn, I felt stupid. I never could shoot that gun comfortably without hitting the mag release. It got sold.
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