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G19...Gen 3 vs. Gen 5

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I've owned a Gen 3, G19 for about 12 yrs now and absolutely love it. Probably the sweetest shooting gun I own. My question is what are the differences (other than grip) between a Gen 3 and 5? I'm thinking about trading in the Gen 3 for the Gen 5 but not sure what the net gain (if any) there will be. I appreciate your comments!
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Do a YouTube search and you will find tons of videos featuring the gen5, and most will outline the differences.

In a nutshell, different: finish, barrel, ambi slide stop, 2-pin frame design, beveled slide front, trigger (not sure how). The grip is dif from gen3 by having no finger grooves, front strap cutout, flared magwell, four interchangeable blackstrap options, and dif texture.
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